Lucia Oxenford denies having coronavirus and talks about her health after being hospitalized

The model and actress denied being infected with coronavirus, so she decided to explain to her followers what happened to her.

Lucia Oxenford revealed that she is receiving strong treatment after contracting bacteria. @laoxenford
Lucia Oxenford revealed that she is receiving strong treatment after contracting bacteria. @laoxenford

Lucia Oxenford raised the concern of her followers when she commented that she was in poor health. At first it was thought that it was coronavirus, but the actress denied the disease and explained what happened to her.

The Peruvian, who now lives in Argentina, showed some images with a catheter in her neck. “For people who send me half-offensive messages, I don’t have a coronavirus , thank God,” reads the story.


“I have a bacterium on my skin called Staphylococcus aureus ,” Oxenford said in his Instagram stories . The image shows the catheter in his neck and then went on to explain what the disease he suffers from is about.

Then the actress shared information from Wikipedia explaining the disease she suffers from. She noted that she was hospitalized for a week and although she is now at home, for two weeks, doctors are going to inject her three times a day.

Oxenford said that he is already feeling better, does not have a fever and the most severe symptoms have passed. The actress believes that the bacteria entered her body through some points that were made. Finally, the actress showed all the medications that she is injecting. At the end of your treatment, you will donate the rest to nearby hospitals or whoever needs it.

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