Recommendations that every woman should follow to take care of her health

Following these tips can not only help you prevent but also detect any illness in time

wellness routine morning to night
wellness routine morning to night

On International Women’s Day, the Anti-Cancer League announces some recommendations that every woman should have to take care of her health and prevent diseases.

Healthy eating
For women who are between 20 and 40 years old, it is recommended to consume foods rich in vitamin B9 such as spinach, chard, liver, among others; since as it is of childbearing age, these foods will help in the formation of the baby. Women over 40 should consume calcium that you can find in cheeses, almonds, yoghurt; Additionally proteins that are in the chicken, pumpkin seeds, among others.

Physical activity
One of the best exercises that can be done without spending a lot of energy is walking about 30 minutes a day; this activity helps avoid brain shrinkage, preserve memory and reduce the risk of developing senile dementia up to 40 %. Walking is an activity that can be practised for life and helps prevent cardiovascular disease.

Preventive checks

In Peru, cervical cancer is the second leading cause of cancer death in women. For this reason, this year the MINSA announced that it would free vaccinate girls in the 5th grade of primary school from the public and private schools nationwide, and to strengthen communication with parents and to prevent the Human Papillomavirus ( HPV). ), the League Against Cancer has launched the campaign “Capture Moments, Non- HPV “, to make the population aware of how dangerous this virus is and that vaccination and timely checkups can be prevented in time.

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