Why do you lose your hair so much and when should you worry?

Two specialists give you a method to know when hair loss should be a sign that something is wrong in your body


It is estimated that every day we lose between 50 and 100 hairs, which according to the specialist is normal. However, if you are worried that your hair will stay in the shower or comb, we will share the causes and when this may be a sign of alopecia.

“In the scalp, we have hairs in different phases: some are growing, others are stabilised, and others have to fall in. There is nothing to worry about,” says BBC Mundo Leyre Aguado, a dermatologist at the Clínica Universidad de Navarra.

For his part, Ramón Grimalt quoted the English environment that the hair of the human being is falling and is renewed daily, something called “replacement” especially at the beginning of autumn.

“If my hair is changed, I’m healthy, if my hair goes down, it’s a good sign: the new hair underneath is tightening, so that old hair falls out,” says Grimalt.

Reasons why your hair falls out

The ageing process, genetics.
Constant weight loss or gain, hormonal imbalances.
Side effects due to medication consumption.
Diseases such as lupus, syphilis, hyperthyroidism or hyperthyroidism, deficiency of iron, zinc or biotin.
Fungal infection in the scalp.
Alopecia areata or traumatic (the latter is due to when the scalp is subject to jerks, extreme heat or powerful chemicals).
When should you worry?
The brush full of hairs is not a sign of alarm, but it does notice less hair on your head. How to know? Compare a photo from last year with a current one. This is an excellent method to detect if there are “clearer” areas in the head. Do you see fewer hairs? That is the signal.

Experts recommend not going to the pharmacy or the hairdresser to find something for the hair, it is best to go to the doctor to get an exam and find the root of the problem.

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