While doing squats, Yanet García exposes her whole racy posterior in a pair of tight black leggings!

Yanet García
Yanet Garcia

The Mexican presenter Yanet García, known as ‘La Chica del Clima’, is one of the figures of the show that delights all her followers with her spectacular figure. The Mexican who served as a weather presenter knows very well how to captivate her fans by posting hot and suggestive photos in which she shows off her sensual body. This time, she showed a bit of the process in which she trains to have that spectacular body that characterizes her so much. The model, who also has an OnlyFans account, wore tight sports leggings in which her rear was very well marked. With her back to the camera, Yanet García showed off her buttocks while she did squats. 

This video was recorded from his apartment in New York where she currently resides. However, Yanet García is not afraid to show more skin and pose in fiery bikinis that leave little to the imagination. The model Yanet García recently boasted of her sensuality by posting several photos in which she appears in a hot colorful fishnet dress and underneath a fiery bikini that perfectly highlighted her spectacular figure. Her sexy beach outfit had the colors of the rainbow because it’s Gay Pride month. In this way, she showed her support for the LGBTQIA + community.

“You look spectacular”, “Exquisite woman”, “Fiery sensuality”, “beautiful woman”, “You are the definition of beauty”, “Mommy, how beautiful you are”, were some of the comments left by her followers in the post that it quickly racked up hundreds of reactions. In another postcard from New York, the Mexican presenter showed off her hips and the rest of her statuesque figure while wearing a sexy two-piece set that exposed a large part of her attributes.

The model Yanet García hid the ‘Like’ count on the photo but it is appreciated that she received more than 1700 comments from her followers praising her impressive beauty and physical attractiveness. “That is, it is that more beautiful impossible”, “How beautiful and very sexy”, “Beautiful smile, beautiful woman”, “Precious my love”, “Beautiful woman, pretty and beautiful”, “Woman’s sweetness, very beautiful”, “How suggestive you look in that color of lingerie”, were some of the comments left by his followers in the publication.


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