Justin Theroux revealed the truth behind his divorce from Jennifer Aniston

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After seven years of relationship, the pair of actors surprised to announce their separation in February. Today -according to Theroux- they are “good friends”

Justin Theroux talked about his separation from Jennifer Aniston, a break that he described as “heartbreaking,” but “friendly,” in a report published in The New York Times.

The marriage came to an end in February after seven years of relationship and almost three of married.

Theroux assured that the separation “broke his heart”, but that today they are good friends: “We respected ourselves enough to be as painless as possible”.

“The good news is that it has probably been – and I am choosing my words with care – the most amiable separation, in which there has been no hostility,” he explained.

The protagonist of Netflix’s new series, Maniac, offered details of what led them to take the decision to follow separate paths: “In reality it was a succession of small facts, but for the press, everything seems to be a 10 in the scale of Ritcher “.

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In the last time, Theroux was related to Emma Stone, its companion of cast, whereas Aniston returns to face rumors of a new beginning with Brad Pitt.


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