“When I got tired of giving, it was all over”: Christian Nodal filters Belinda’s messages


shared on his various social networks a chat he had with at the beginning of February, in which the singer makes a request for financial assistance. This takes place not long after the mother of his ex-fiancée “loved” a remark in which he was called a “naco.”

20 years of his life were spent harvesting the rewards of his daughter’s labor before he abandoned her with nothing.

Leave me alone, I’m trying to get well.

I don’t cause them any trouble, and I don’t insist on getting recognition for my contributions in music or in life.

Everything wonderful that is taking place merits it, yet it has also been expensive for me.

“When I got weary of giving, it was all over,” the interpretation of ‘Bottle after bottle’ accompanied the Twitter publishing, which supplied the hint to the cause for the split. “Bottle after bottle” is a play on the phrase “When I got tired of giving, it was all over.”

Belinda Schüll had written a contentious remark on the same network a few hours earlier, and it read as follows: “The world is full of individuals who want to pick fruit from trees that they never planted or cared for.”

What do Christian Nodal’s communications from Belinda have to say to him?

Belinda asks Nodal in a text message dated February 4 whether he has already gotten money to treat his teeth. The text was shared between the two of them.

This amount would be different from the assistance that was provided to the actress’s parents in the film Welcome to Eden.

“Love. Do you believe it will be possible for the dentist to treat my teeth this week? So, let me get this straight: aren’t you going to be paid sometime this week? Other than my mother and father? In order for me to correct them?” she asks him. Belinda proceeded to delete the next message and then send a new set of messages seven minutes later.

“I really regret everything that I have been forced to go through because of you.

You have rendered my whole existence meaningless.

She asserts that the nicest thing about the situation is that you are focusing on your profession since it is the only thing that matters to you.

The next statement is made in this tone despite the fact that he has not responded to it: “I am not going to continue like this any longer, not even with your people.”

Or in any other circumstance, I was aware that this was going to take place.

I was prepared for you to abandon me and ruin my life because I knew what you were going to do.


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