Belinda blesses the bride-to-be before her nuptials take place


though more than four months have passed since her breakup with Christian Nodal,  Belinda does not stop being in the spotlight with everything that has been unleashed around her, mainly her mom on social networks, who has not missed an opportunity to mock and “attack” her daughter’s ex. Despite this, the Spanish singer does not stop accumulating good times and on this occasion, she again took the attention of her fans, after blessing a girlfriend who was staying at the same hotel where she was, during her Visit to the city of Monterrey.

The video of the moment was shared by the Instagram account of the Venga la Alegría program, in which the exact moment in which the singer takes advantage of two seconds of her time to give the blessing with everything and the sign of the cross to the surprised girlfriend is seen. She sees happy with the meeting between her and .

Behind them appears the boyfriend to whom Belinda tells him to please take care of her and love her very much, while the two hug each other with the singer and influencer to take a photo of the memory. The video immediately went viral and in a few minutes, it reached more than five thousand reproductions, nice comments about Belinda’s cool attitude, and many more to wish them good vibes and the best for the newlywed couple.

Belinda is in the northern city for work reasons and from what we can see in the video, she only went down to the hotel lobby, when she suddenly met the bride and had no qualms about taking a photo and wishing her well.



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