What you need to remember before The Umbrella Academy season 3 premiere?

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Rachita Salian
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The Umbrella Academy When Season 3 Premieres And What Can We Expect
The Umbrella Academy when season 3 premieres and what can we expect

This Wednesday, June 22, the third season of The Umbrella Academy arrives. Two years after the release of the second batch, the series developed by Steve Blackman returns to Netflix.

After once again avoiding the end of the world, the Hargreeves brothers now have a great challenge, because their timeline has radically changed and they will have to face an alternative reality in which they are no longer the sons of Sir Reginald.

In the two previous seasons of the fiction based on the comics by Gerard Way and Gabriel Bá, the brothers had to avoid Judgment Day, both provoked (unintentionally, it must be said) by Vanya (Elliot Page).

The second batch narrated a journey through time, in which the Hargreeves move to 1963 and in which a boy, Harlan (Justin Paul Kelly), an autistic minor and son of Sissy (Marin Ireland) ends up absorbing Vanya’s powers but you can’t control them.

After Harlan loses control, Vanya manages to regain her powers, narrowly avoiding another event that would mean the end of the world and that led to not preventing Kennedy’s assassination. However, his interference in the past, by meeting with his adoptive father, caused an alteration of the timeline, which will be addressed in this third installment.

These 10 of the essentials to remember before watching the third batch.


Diego (David Castañeda), thanks to the Commission’s Infinite Switchboard, a secret agency that controls the world’s established timeline, can see into the future, allowing him to see that an explosion occurs in an FBI building just before Kennedy was assassinated, which causes the president to avoid the assassination, but nuclear war is provoked worldwide, thinking that it was the work of the Soviets.

However, the explosion was caused by Vanya, who, thinking she was a Russian spy, was detained by the FBI and tortured, causing her powers to activate. It is the spirit of Ben (Justin H. Min) who enters her mind and manages to calm her down, avoiding the catastrophe, which causes her ghost to disintegrate.


Sir Reginald Hargreeves (Colm Feore) has always been a mysterious individual. He was hard at training him with his foster children in the first season; in the second batch, he can be seen in his youth, but, far from revealing more information about the father of the clan, only more secrets emerge, given his suspicious presence on the grassy knoll during the Kennedy assassination or his relationship with the Majestic-12 organization.

Unknowns with many questions that can be resolved in the third season. Before killing the Majestic-12 group, Sir Reginald removes his face, showing that his face is a facade and his real head could be an alien, prompting the question of what his intentions are when it comes to raising a group of children with supernatural powers.


In the climax of the second season, “The Manager” (Kate Walsh), head of the Commission, and former head of the Five sends almost all the members of the organization that she leads to fight in a war against the Hargreeves, which takes place in Sissy’s farm, who asks Vanya for help. At this point where Harlan, who absorbed Vanya’s powers after she saved her life, is about to unleash another apocalypse. Vanya manages to recover her powers and defeat the Commission, killing most of the agents.


Diego’s new friend, Lila (Ritu Arya), turns out to be the daughter of “La Encargada” and faces the Hargreeves in a brutal fight, revealing her own power: the ability to channel the powers of anyone else. Lila turns out to be one of 43 mysteriously born children with supernatural powers. Diego makes Lila see that “La Encargada” only used her and that she had her parents killed when she was little.

Diego tries to convince Lila that she is part of the Academy. Now, season three has yet to reveal what her allegiances will be, especially since Lila ended the season by disappearing in the middle of the final fray with a time-traveling briefcase.


The second season was in which “La Encargada” took over the Commission. To confront the Five, she sends in a dangerous trio of assassins, the Swedes, who will become the infamous villain’s undoing. The last of the three Suceos (Kris Holden-Reid), avenges the death of her brothers by killing her.

However, it should be remembered that, in the first season, “La Encargada” was shot in the head, which did not kill her as she had a metal plate in her skull that saved her life. Now, the Swede killed the woman by riddling her with bullets, which casts doubt on whether she could evade her death this time.


The Commission, the supervisor of the space-time continuum that must ensure that everything happens as predestined, is beheaded after the death of “La Encargada”, albeit temporarily. Herb (Ken Hall), a downtrodden analyst for the organization, conspired against “La Encargada” and teamed up with Diego to help bring his siblings back to the present.

After the death of “The Manager”, Herb goes on to lead the Commission as interim president of the board of directors. Given this change in mandate, as well as the fact that most of the agents died at the hands of Vanya, a new era begins for the Commission.


The most outstanding fact, the end of the second season, in which the Hargreeves return to the present, ends with an alteration of space-time in which The Umbrella Academy has not existed and the brothers, returning to the present after using the briefcases discover that they have been replaced by The Sparrow Academy, made up of a different group of supernatural protégés led by Sir Reginald, who is still alive in this reality.

The members of this academy are Marcus (Justin Cornwell), leader of the group and whose powers are unknown; Fei (Britne Oldford), able to summon a flock of crows at will; Alphonso (Jake Epstein), whose ability is to transfer his own pain to others; Sloane (Genesis Rodriguez), Jayme (Cazzie David), and Ben, who is alive in this reality.


The only known face of The Sparrow Academy is Ben’s. In this reality, Ben did not die when he and Klaus were children. In the previous two seasons, the young man was able to appear due to Klaus’s ability to interact with the dead. However, after the spirit’s sacrifice to calm Vanya, it seemed to be gone forever…until this temporary change.

Of course, unlike his ghost version, this Ben has a daring haircut, a scar on his face, and a much more combative behavior and is different from the Ben that has been seen in previous seasons.


When they return to the present, Vanya tries to convince Sissy, her new love interest, to come with them to the future. However, the woman refuses for the sake of her son Harlan. Although Vanya regained his powers, at the end of the season the boy can be seen levitating an object in his hands.

It is very possible that Harlan will return for the third season, albeit as a grown man.


In December 2020, Page announced that he was a transgender man and his name is Elliot. Became the first trans man to be on the cover of Time magazine, the creators of the series and the comic chose to make Vanya also a transgender boy, changing his name to Viktor.

It will be in this season when Viktor can be better known, as well as how his transition to a trans boy will be seen and how it will affect his relationship with the rest of his brothers and with history.

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