Elliot Page stars in the Pride Month, the cover of Esquire

Through various photographs, Elliot Page revealed that he stars on the cover of Esquire for LGBT Pride Month.

Elliot Page scaled
Elliot Page scaled

Through his social networks, actor Elliot Page revealed that he is the protagonist of the cover of Esquire magazine for June, LGBT Pride Month.

Elliot Page, who came out as transgender in 2020, now stars on the cover of Esquire magazine for Pride month.

And it is precisely here, in the Pride month edition, that he recounts the struggle he has had since declaring himself, transgender.

In addition, in the photographs that Elliot Page has uploaded to his networks, as part of the photo session for Esquire for Pride month, he recounts how the process has been since his mastectomy.

This operation has led Elliot Page to now be able to accept her body after the various traumas she suffered as a woman, as she revealed to Esquire.

“Being able to go out with a group of new people and get involved in a way where I didn’t feel this constant feeling of running away from my body, this endless feeling of anxiety, nervousness and wanting to go out”

Elliot Page

Pride Month: Elliot Page reveals how bullying affected him

Elliot Page has revealed that during this Pride month, he is the protagonist of the cover of Esquire magazine.

In it, Elliot Page tells how his process to be a transgender man has been and how bullying affected his life since he was a child when he went to school.

Since his days at school, Elliot Page was teased, harassed and bullied, something that left him marked for life.

And it is that the actor of ‘ The Umbrella Academy’, said that there is no way that the bullying that is suffered daily, does not affect your life “especially when you already feel ashamed”.

Elliot Page, who is the cover of Esquire magazine for June, LGBT Pride month, assured that during his operation one of his friends, Mark, was the one who helped him recover and is currently one of the pillars in his life.

In addition, Elliot Page assured that coming out as gay and then being a transgender man is completely different, since transphobia is quite extreme.

“It was what I expected: love and support from many people and hatred, cruelty and virulence from so many others. I came out as gay in 2014 and it’s different. Transphobia is so extreme.”

Elliot Page

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