Karely Ruiz recognizes who is her direct competition in OnlyFans; Will she lose the crown?

Karely Ruiz 3
Karely Ruiz 3

Despite having her kingdom in OnlyFans, Karely Ruiz recognizes who her direct competition is in the app.

At just 22 years old, Karely Ruiz has shown on more than one occasion that she has created a true empire around OnlyFans , but she also recognizes who her direct competition is.

And it is that through digital platforms, the influencer has placed herself among the most followed and popular Latinas of the famous adult content app, the same for which she has forged her juicy fortune.

With a trikini Karely Ruiz discovers an angle that you had not seen
With a trikini Karely Ruiz discovers an angle that you had not seen

The young model is not afraid to boast that thanks to the famous app, she has managed to get a bank account of around two million dollars, for which she has had a luxurious life.

Through her social networks, the woman from Monterrey has boasted everything from luxurious cars to taking her parents out of work and the therapies of her younger sister who has a disability, a luxurious life that she has achieved thanks to her erotic content.

What is a fact is that the woman who a few months ago was designated as the new ‘girlfriend of Andrés García‘, has revealed that she also knows that her ‘crown’ as the best of the app is in danger with another famous model.

Who is Karely Ruiz’s direct competition on OnlyFans?

The star knows very well that nothing in this life is guaranteed, and as content creators they must be at the forefront of trends and news, because she knows who her competition is.

According to the young woman, a few weeks ago, she shared the “Golden Scorpion” on the YouTube program, who knows that Yanet García and she are the best paid in Mexico within the app.

During Christmas Yanet Garcia
During Christmas Yanet Garcia

Karely revealed that she is one of the best paid on the platform in Mexico, but acknowledges that her only competition is the one also known as the “Climate Girl”.

The two models of Monterrey origin and stars of OnlyFans have shown that their luxurious lives have been achieved through social networks, this despite the fact that they are two totally different generations.

On the one hand, Yanet is 32 years old and in addition to being the star of the erotic content app, she has also developed as an actress and TV host, as was the case when she belonged to the cast of the Televisa morning show, ‘Hoy‘ .

While Ruiz, who is 10 years younger than the Tigers fan, little by little has had a great presence on networks and on OnlyFans, so she knows that the competition between them is very strong.

What is a fact is that through social networks, fans do not lose hope that the two can do some collaboration, just as they did with Celia Lora, who is also among the most popular of the platform.

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