Roberto Palazuelos gets rid of property of actor Andrés García and reveals the reason

roberto 2
roberto 2

Mexico – Actor Roberto Palazuelos, a personal friend of fellow actor Andrés García, has put up for sale one of the properties that the 80-year-old famous most love and reveals why he does so.

In an interview for the Hoy program, Palazuelos says one of García’s most iconic properties, which gave the long-time actor many problems prior to the coronavirus pandemic.

García, who has participated in more than one hundred Mexican cinema films and dozens of telenovelas on Televisa, gave the rights to Palazuelos to carry out these types of negotiations.

Months ago, Mr. Andrés told the media in Mexico City that he decided to grant the rights to Palazuelos because, although he is not his natural son, he has proven to be, since he seeks it more than his own children.

To Hoy Palazuelos he confessed that he sells García’s property called “El Castillo” and already has a possible buyer, a decision to sell that Andrés himself supported and thus financially guarantees years of abundance with what is collected from the sale.

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“So that he continues to maintain the standard of living that he has always had,” says Palazuelos to the Hoy program, who on several occasions has said that he is very fond of Andrés and that is why he helps him in whatever way he can.

Andrés García has just made public on that he has problems with ANDI since he refuses to pay him royalties of several years for his work in film and television mainly.

Visibly annoyed, the actor explains that he has called several times and they always tell him different things, but they don’t want to pay him what he thinks they should and for so many years of work they offer him four thousand pesos.

For this reason, García said that he will proceed legally against ANDI in Mexico City, in fact, he calls on the Treasury to carry out an audit.


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