Official holidays in Mexico 2022: dates of rest and holidays that remain this year


In the next few days there will be a mandatory rest in Mexico and thousands of people wonder how many official holidays are left in the year. Don’t miss any details here. In this note, we tell you about the SEP calendar.

We are two months away from the end of the year and many are looking forward to the holidays. We are about to have some days off in Mexico and one of the biggest questions is how many official and mandatory holidays are left this year. Therefore, we share this note where we will tell you what the next holidays are and so you can take advantage of going on vacation with your family. Don’t miss any details here.

It should be noted that, according to the Mexican Federal Labor Law, not all holidays are mandatory. Given this, in this article we will explain the difference between mandatory holidays and those that, on the contrary, are optional. Take note.

How many days of mandatory holidays are left in 2022?
Although 2022 has 4 months left to finish, Mexico will have only 3 days of mandatory rest for the remainder of the year. Next, we will introduce you to each of them and their reason:

On Friday, September 16 | Anniversary of the Independence Day of Mexico
On Monday, November 21 | Third Monday of November, in commemoration of the Anniversary of the Mexican Revolution (November 20)
On Sunday, December 25 | Christmas
When is the next day off for students?
After October 28, another rest date for Mexican students will be Wednesday, November 2, on the occasion of the Day of the Dead.

In addition to this date, there are three other days without classes:

November 2: Day of the Dead.
November 18: Administrative meeting
November 21: Anniversary of the Mexican Revolution
November 25: School Technical Council Meeting
November 18 and 25 correspond to two long weekends because they connect with Saturday and Sunday, so start preparing your family, friendship or other activity plans a month before.

What to do if your employer asks you to work on holidays?
According to the Federal Labor Law, if an employee works on a holiday, he must be paid triple, since the legislation states the following: “Workers are not required to provide services on their days off. If this provision is broken, the employer will pay the worker, regardless of the salary that corresponds to him for the rest, a double salary for the service provided.

Additionally, if according to the calendar, the rest day coincides with the weekly rest day; that is, on Sunday, the employer must cover the payment of the Sunday premium for work, the same as stipulated in article 71 of the Federal Labor Law Derived from the foregoing. That is, the worker must receive triple the salary for that day, plus the Sunday bonus.

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