Johnny Depp, the strong message that made him smile in court

Johnny Deep, the message he sent referring to something very personal and also asked his former nurse to prescribe a strong substance

Johnny Depp the strong message that made him smile in court

The famous actor Johnny Depp is currently in the eye of the hurricane, because the trial he faces against his ex-partner, Amber Heard, for alleged defamation, continues to give something to talk about, now he revealed a message in which the actor It was referring to a risqué situation.

The protagonist of the movie “Charly and the Chocolate Factory”, Johnny Depp could not resist having a slight smile on his face when in full hearing of his trial, the court referred to the respective text messages that Deep himself sent to a former nurse asking for a strong substance to see if it would work between “her tongue and that special part”.

So when listening to these words that he himself wrote in 2015 and that he never thought would be made public worldwide, Johnny Deep could only listen and subtly paint a mocking laugh on his face.

Debbie Lloyd is the name of the nurse who received the message. Apparently, those words were part of an apology that Deep was offering her for not wanting to see her that day she sent him her message, so she wrote that she was very sorry for what had happened.

Hi, honey, I’m so sorry about today. I thought you were Stephen, who I am not particularly excited about because of his loss of loyalty and his loss of memory,” Deep wrote.

Then, the message continues, Depp followed his apology and his justification for not wanting to receive it, because it was not only with her, but that he really did not want to see anyone, he wrote to Lloyd. Just at that time in 2015, Johnny Depp had lived through his finger accident and was feeling sad after being “fired” by Dr. Kipper.

He has tried everything, even traveling with my wife. She also breaks into my… house like it’s the… Grand Central Station. I’m so sorry if I bothered you. If you want you can give me some morphine to see if my tongue and… touch. With all my love, J,” Depp concluded.

Although the evidence of this message was read and presented in this trial, Nurse Lloyd assured that she did not remember it, she did not even admit that she had indeed received it, but she said that she did not see it as something inappropriate.

Also in other messages, Depp calls the nurse “little Debbie” and “shark nurse”, as well as expressing that he missed her. In addition, it was revealed that Lloyd herself replied to Johnny Depp that Dr. Kipper would see him again if he “stopped using”, but the nurse commented that she could not remember what she was referring to.

This trial of Johnny Depp and his former partner Amber Heard began on April 11 in Fairfax, Virginia, after the actor filed a defamation lawsuit against Heard in March 2019, arguing that he had defamed him in a published opinion piece. in December 2018 in The Washington Post.

Said publication was titled as: “I spoke out against … and faced the wrath of our culture. That has to change.” In this article, Amber she claimed that she suffered from bullying when she was in college, but back then she kept quiet because she didn’t see herself as a victim.

Then, two years ago, I became a public figure representing…, and I felt the full force of our culture’s anger towards women who speak out,” she mentioned at the time.

It should be noted that Johnny Depp is not mentioned in the article, but his legal counsel has argued that it contains a “clear implication that Depp is the protagonist”, something they claim is false. For this lawsuit, the actor requested compensation of no less than 50 million dollars.

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