Johnny Depp got 5 million new followers after the trial against Amber Heard


Johnny Depp has almost 19 million followers on Instagram after the trial against Amber Heard

It started with 14 million, but now Johnny Depp has almost 19 million new followers on Instagram , following a seven-week trial against Amber Heard .

Since the first days of court, the Pirates of the Caribbean actor quickly reached 2.6 million new followers.

Johnny Depp got 5 million new followers after the trial against Amber Heard

But this is not new, because since the first trial in the UK against Amber Heard and The Sun, Johnny Depp went from just 6 million followers to 14 .

Regarding her, the reality is that the controversy has also benefited her, although not with the same force as her ex, since on May 24 she had 4.5 million followers, and today with 4.7.

ACLU would sue Johnny Depp for “forcing” her to show documents at trial

The American Civil Liberties Union ( ACLU ) has made public its desire to sue Johnny Depp for the amount of 86 thousand dollars (1 million 681 thousand 454 pesos).

The reason? They believe that the actor required them to present documents during the trial , in order to know when he actually donated Amber Heard to the non-profit organization.

Representatives of the organization even had to go to trial to testify, however, now they are asking Johnny Depp for a refund for the time spent providing such evidence in court.

Consequently, a hearing will be held on June 15 where it is not yet known whether the interpreter of Jack Sparrow will be present or not.

When will we know the verdict of the trial of Johnny Depp vs Amber Heard?

The jury of the Johnny Depp vs. Amber Heard trial has already begun to deliberate, without yet having any conclusion, which is why Judge Penney Azcarate sent them home for the long weekend, since this May 30 is a holiday in USA.

They are expected to continue their deliberations tomorrow, in order to unanimously agree, so they will have all the evidence to support them.

We have covered each of the days of Johnny Depp’s trial against Amber Heard ; To access them and find out what happened minute by minute, you just have to enter this league .

Johnny Depp got 5 million new followers after the trial against Amber Heard

We will also notify you of the failure as soon as it is announced. An hour will pass from when the jury has made a decision, until it is announced to the public.

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