Everything you need to know about the actress Eiza González: an unstoppable talent!

We tell you everything you need to know about the actress Eiza Gonzalez who is conquering Hollywood
We tell you everything you need to know about the actress Eiza Gonzalez who is conquering Hollywood

’s career goes far beyond what we all know. Currently the actress is considered one of the most outstanding Latino talents in recent years and Eiza González has worked very hard to make a place for herself in Hollywood, an industry that is not characterized by being so simple, but that she has known conquer perfectly.

From her beginnings as a soap opera actress, to her most recent projects, we tell you everything you need to know about the Mexican actress Eiza González.

Who is Eiza González?

Eiza González Reyna was born on January 30, 1990 in Mexico City and since she was little she had a great interest in music and acting. Fashion was also one of Eiza’s passions since she was a child since her mother, Glenda Reyna , was a model and currently has her own modeling agency, “Glenda modeling”.

Unfortunately, Eiza González’s father died in an accident when the actress was 12 years old, but she has managed to transform that fact into a source of motivation to move forward, as it has been a great influence on her artistic career and on her ideas about mental health and emotional.

Eiza Gonzalez Is Now One Of The Most Important Guests At Key Hollywood Events | Geekybar
Eiza González Is Now One Of The Most Important Guests At Key Hollywood Events
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The professional career of Eiza González

Eiza González’s acting education began at Televisa’s “Art Education Center” (CEA) and from there, the actress’s career took off.

Her first major role for a television production was in the telenovela “Lola … once upon a time . ” This was the great start of Eiza González’s career , where she won the hearts of millions of people, and what led her to star in other roles on Mexican television.

After this project, Eiza returned to star in a teenage series, this time with Nickelodeon. “Dream With Me” gave the actress the opportunity to reach a wider audience in Latin America.

Similarly, Eiza González has also participated in productions such as: “assassin women” and “true love”.


Eiza González in Hollywood

Finally, in 2013 Eiza decided to move to Los Angeles to expand her acting career. The first role he got in English was in a production by director Robert Rodriguez, “From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series” , in which he participated for two seasons.

But this was only the beginning. Currently, Eiza has participated in some of the biggest Hollywood productions in recent years. In 2017, he starred in the movie Baby Driver . The actress played Monica “Darling” Castello, a role that gave her international recognition and led her to be a presenter at the Oscars


“Welcome to Marwen”, “Paradise Hills” “Bloodshot” and “Alita: Battle Angel” have been other of the most famous films of Eiza , which have not only demonstrated her talent as an actress but also her physical capacities since many of the roles of Eiza González have been acclaimed for their action scenes.

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Eiza González and her musical career

In addition to being a great actress, Eiza González has always loved singing and that has also been a large part of her career.

His first album “Contracorriente” went on sale in Mexico in 2009 but also reached several popularity charts in the US. Eiza’s second album was titled “You will remember me” and was released in Mexico in 2012. Although apparently the actress has no plans to continue her musical career in the near future, she has uploaded several videos to her social networks of her practicing singing. The safest thing is that Eiza González has in mind to audition for various roles and that is why she wants to continue cultivating her talent.

In addition to everything, she has appeared in various music videos such as “Indecent Proposal” by Romeo Santos and “Supplies” by Justin Timberlake.

Eiza González: personal life

Eiza González has given a lot to talk about in recent years thanks to her great sense of fashion. The star has walked the red carpet at the Met Gala, attended Vanity Fair parties, and her moments on the red carpet have been truly memorable.

One of her best fashion moments was in 2018 when the actress walked the red carpet at the Oscars wearing a yellow Ralph Lauren dress; that night, Eiza Gonzalez became one of the most popular searches.

Currently the actress divides her time between Los Angeles and many other where she films, but in addition to Mexico, Eiza has also lived briefly in other countries such as Argentina . I used to spend a lot of time in New York City as well.

Eiza has become a sports fanatic as most of her movies require action scenes. In addition to having a very strict workout regimen, the actress practices boxing, weights, martial arts and loves to climb. Eiza González has even published some videos on her social networks where she can be seen practicing her dance steps.

There is no doubt that the actress is one of the most attractive young talents in Hollywood and has had small romances with other celebrities on several occasions. Among Eiza’s loves have been: Liam Hemsworth, Calvin Harris, Josh Duhamel, Luke Bracey and more recently Timothée Chalamet.

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Her next projects

Although 2020 has not been a very good year for film production, Eiza González has many projects on the horizon. It is expected that next year the movie Godzilla VS Kong in which Eiza participates and which is currently in post production will be released. In addition to everything, the actress has just announced that she will be in Michael Bay’s next project ‘Ambulance’ with Jake Gyllenhaal.


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