Eiza González makes a funny confession She is in love with a stripper

Actress Eiza González revealed that she went to a strip club and became friends with a dancer with whom she exchanged numbers.

is in love with a stripper
is in love with a stripper

Eiza González was on Jimmy Kimmel’s show , where she talked about various topics, but the most fun was when she told the anecdote she had with a dancer.

The also singer related that she went to a strip club and became friends with one of them, then said excitedly and laughing that she had fallen in love with the woman.

The actress and Jimmy Kimmel began the interview talking about the Mexican’s birthday, since she had just turned 30, but was surprised to say that she does not like to celebrate it.

“I hate birthdays, I think it’s the most narcissistic thing we’ve ever invented. It is like forcing your friends to come, bring you gifts, pay things for you and pretend that they love me and sing for me, because it is my birthday and it is what birthdays are for, that everyone kiss my ass. I hate him and I turned 30 years old which is a great number for the girls ”, she explained.

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The actress also said she traveled to Miami for the Super Bowl , but was surprised to tell what she did next.

“In Miami he gets crazy … there was this crazy after party that we didn’t know we were going to go to until we were there,” she explained.

Eiza González explained that she ended up seeing Snoop Dog at a strip club and that she did not know what to do there.

“I was there after an hour, I didn’t really know what to do. I sat down and there was a stripper dancing next to me. We begin to have a deep conversation about our lives. I was impressed. She was like ‘my back hurts’ and it is impressive, it is like a Circus of the Sun with butts, they are athletes ”.

Gonzáles said that he exchanged phones with the dancer and became her friend, then he hilariously confessed: “I am in love with a stripper. She is amazing”.

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