Cobra Kai will have a fifth season and the fourth comes to Netflix in December

cobra kai 2
cobra kai 2

Mexico – It is a fact that the fifth season of Cobra Kai will soon be on Netflix. It is the streaming company itself that announces such news and fans react excitedly on social networks.

The conflict between Daniel LaRusso and Johnny Lawrence is far from over, as a fifth season has been approved for this series that has fans all over the world.

No more details about the production are known at the moment, as all information is jealously guarded and will be secure very soon when it is revealed.

What it is is that the news of the release of the fifth season of Cobra Kai has made fans happy and they are already looking forward to enjoying their favorite characters.

Cobra Kai will have a fifth season and the fourth comes to Netflix in December
The fourth season of Cobra Kai arrives on Netflix in December and the fifth part is in production. Instagram photo

Cobra Kai through Twitter has shared: the dojo is going to become five times more radical, which means that the fifth part is already on the way to production.

Without a doubt, this is a great surprise, since many believed that the fourth part of this series would be the last.

Remember that after the events of the third season, Daniel and Johnny decided to put aside their differences to face John Kreese in the All Valley tournament.

The fourth season of Cobra Kai will arrive in December on Netflix and will be marked by the All Valley Championship and the return of Terry Silver, played by Thomas Ian Griffith.

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