Check Out Brie Larson in Full Battle Gear in the Upcoming Gears of War Film!

Brie Larson
Brie Larson

Is Brie Larson possibly going to be in the upcoming Gears of War film? One or more of Giant Freakin’ Robot’s reliable sources thinks this could be the case. A fresh post of fan art on GFR’s Instagram makes it even simpler to picture the Captain Marvel actress in this part than the recent exclusive article did.

In the photographs, a drawn Brie Larson wears the Gears of War armor by Epic Games and stares gloomily at the viewer. This is not a still from the impending Netflix film adaptation of the game, but it could easily pass for one. Maybe the actress wants to do something a little “grittier” and less family-friendly than her role as Marvel’s iconic superhero.

Exclusive: Brie Larson In Talks For Gears Of War Movie

Since Brie Larson has previously collaborated with Epic Games, it’s not totally out of the question that she may be part in a Gears of War project. She voiced and designed the look of the character Paradigm in Fortnite, another game created by the same firm, last year.

While we don’t know if Gears of War is a favorite of Brie Larson’s, we do know from interviews that she enjoys playing games like Fall Guys, Metroid, and Animal Crossing. When asked about her dream role, she said she’d like to be cast as Samus Aran from the Metroid video game series in the event that the series is adapted into a movie.

Exclusive: Brie Larson In Talks For Gears Of War Movie


The Gears of War movie could have other Marvel actors in addition to Brie Larson if she accepts a role. Dave Bautista, actor of the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Guardians of the Galaxy, also expressed interest in being cast in the film last year via a tweet.

However, it’s possible that everyone can fit. Although the film’s cast has not been announced, an animated adult series is also in the works for the Gears of War franchise at Netflix.

บรี ลาร์สัน" กลับมาฟิตหุ่น เตรียมกลับมารับบทนำใน Captain Marvel 2


Both would relate the story of a civilization threatened by an underground race of reptile monsters known as the Locust Horde, and take cues from the popular third-person shooter game that has sold over 40 million copies. Before it’s too late and humanity is destroyed, the protagonist must try to wipe out the monsters.

Whether or not Brie Larson will have a significant role in Gears of War is currently unknown, but the most recent game in the series features a female heroine named Kait Diaz who learns that her planet has something to fear even more than the monsters: her.

See Brie Larson Suited Up As A Soldier For New Gears Of War Movie | Flipboard


It would be a challenge for Brie Larson to deal with the rabid Gears of War audience, but the position would be fascinating. Fans of the games tend to be vocal about their devotion to the franchise.

There is a chance that the actress will face similar backlash to that which she encountered when she was cast as Captain Marvel; some viewers praised her performance while others claimed she didn’t do justice to their mental image of Carol Danvers.

Marvel's Brie Larson reveals why she lost out on Terminator role


Nonetheless, the Instagram image makes it simple to see Brie Larson in the part, thus she may have a promising future in the Gears of War franchise.

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