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Liliana Mumy 3
Liliana Mumy 3

Liliana Mumy is an American actress and artist who has made her way into the industry as a child actress in various films. Her mom entered the entertainment world from an early age. She is gaining invaluable experience with every other job. To date, Mumy has provided her voice to Hollywood blockbusters such as “Cheaper by the Dozen” and “The Santa Clause”.

The young woman is an award-winning actress and has won numerous accolades for her acting and voice roles. She has also been chosen for many critically acclaimed foreign TV shows and animated films. In more recent years, Liliana has worked on ‘The Bravest Warriors’ series and people have enjoyed her work on the animated show.

Profession: Actress
Date of birth: April 16, 1994
Age: 28
Net assets: 4 million
Birth place: San Marcos, CA
Height (m): 1.60
Religion: Christianity
Relationship status: Married


Liliana Berry Davis Mumy was born on April 16, 1994 in San Marcos, California. Mumy was born to Eileen Joy who was a childbirth educator and her father to her Charles William Mumy Jr. she You may be able to remember her father better than her by her stage name, Bill Mumy. Bill is one of the most established voice actors, a leading figure in the science fiction community, musician, instrumentalist and author.

Now coming to her academics, Mom graduated from Laurel Hall School and was, according to reports, a really good student. For her preliminary education, Liliana went to Campbell Hall School. Reports also suggest that mom went on to graduate from Norte Dame High School.


Acting Career

Liliana started acting since she was 7 years old. She first appeared on the television show ‘Scrubs’, playing the character of Samantha Tanner. This soon followed an appearance on ‘That 70s Show’. However, Mumy made her debut in the movie ‘Tha Santa Clause 2’. In 2002, Liliana landed a recurring role as Rachel McNamara on the series, ‘My Wife and Children’ for 6 episodes. You may also remember the young actress in the role of Audrey Fremont for the show ‘It’s Still a Good Life’. It was in 2003 that she landed the cast for one of her most important roles for the film ‘Cheaper by the Dozen’. She played the role of Jessica Baker and was lined up alongside Steve Martin. This soon followed a sequel ‘Cheaper by the Dozen 2’.

Voice acting Career

While she has had an amazing career in acting, Mom is even more amazing as a vocal actress. She started acting as a 5 year old girl. For her first role, she voiced the character of Nonoko Yamada in the English dubbed version of the Japanese animated comedy ‘My Neighbors the Yamadas’. Liliana was also part of the voice cast for the 2004 Disney directed film ‘Mulan II. Additionally, Mumy was the voice behind the animated TV series ‘Batman: The Brave and the Bold’.


Now coming to her love life, Mymy has been in a relationship with hockey player, Andrew B since 2015. The duo are reportedly extremely supportive of each other and their work. They are known for sharing their moments together on social media platforms, especially Instagram. From the look of things, even if it’s too early to tell, Liliana looks happy with Andrew and we wish them the best.

In addition to her extraordinary acting talent, Liliana is also a great musician. She has played the violin in her school orchestra and can also play the piano and guitar. Her mother is also a very sporty woman who loves to play hockey, basketball. She is also a huge fan of the Pittsburgh penguins and the Los Angeles Lakers. While focusing on acting, Mumy aims to start his own acting company one day.


For a girl of around 20, Liliana has certainly done a lot. She has been in and around Hollywood for the past 15 years and is now an established figure. According to reports, Liliana has a net worth of $ 4 million as of 2018. She was able to raise most of this amount from her career in voice acting. She certainly has an extraordinary future ahead of her and is sure to find more fame and fortune.

Mumy is also quite active on social media platforms. She has a huge fan base for her fantastic work in the Hollywood world. Looking at her profile on her Instagram, she passes by the lilianamumy handle where she has just under 30,000 followers.

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