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tony framer
tony framer

Tony Farmer is a well-built basketball player who made headlines for all the wrong reasons when he made a stupid mistake. This action of him clouded his future and possibilities. He’s had a good career, to begin with, he’s definitely a kid with all the skills needed for the game. However, apparently, he had that early hit at his head. This continued to develop his ego rather than his commitment to the sport.

Looking at Tony Farmer’s story, it can be a lesson for many to keep their feet on the ground. This also reminded that one wrong move or foolish mistake can easily change the course of your life. For Tony, the mistake turned out to have a huge threatening consequence for his career. Let’s now try to get to know Tony and his mistakes better.


Tony Farmer was born on March 24, 1994, in the United States of America. He was a gifted and skilled basketball player from an early age. Farmer was a forward for his small school basketball team and had the skills and ability to carry him forward in the game. He also had that height advantage that gave him reach and reach that many players envied.

For Tony, it seemed the only direction was forward as he led his team to the Ohio State Playoffs Division 1 semi-final. He alone has won his team an average of 20 points per game. Farmer was among the top 100 high school players in the country and was only 18 at the time. He was even chased by a long list of Division 1 schools as the boy had largely untapped potential.


Everything seemed to be going too well for Tony Farmer, but then reality struck. One day, for unknown reasons, he let go of a young woman he seemed to be dating at the time. The cameras caught him brutally beating his then-girlfriend. Later, after realizing the problem he had put himself in, Tony chose to threaten the poor girl’s life.

The entire event was captured on camera and had coverage from various outlets across the nation. Many thought Tony deserved extreme punishment, but many of his fans, including his girlfriend, didn’t. The case was tried and many of his followers and teachers came to support and defend the basketball star. Even his girlfriend continued to defend him and told the court that he was him and he is still a good man.

Unfortunately for Tony and his fans, the testimonies could not influence the case. Many thought the judge was tough, but there were others who thought the judge trying to make an example of Farmer. In August 2012, Tony Farmer was punished by the court for serving 3 years of prison. He was not only attacked, but he was found guilty, but also kidnapping and robbery. The farmer after being convicted, fell to the ground as he realized the situation that had arisen on him.

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Tony Farmer’s story has moved on so quickly. Raw talent who had the potential to do it all and fame at an early age became the reason for his downfall. At the time, Farmer lowered his head and tried to escape further controversy. During his time in prison, he did not fall into the stereotype of black males and after he turned 3, he was a free man in June 2015.

After serving his time in prison, Farmer went to play for Lincoln University, a junior division II college. However, the University denied admission to a former inmate and it was Lee College’s Runnin ‘Rebels who were able to sign the former star. Tony was hungry for a new name and took advantage of it for his throat. There he joined the likes of Andre Edwards, Malik Anderson and Andre Pierce. He has had 2 incredible seasons with a team averaging over 17 points per game. At the end of the season, he continued to submit his name to him for the 2017 NBA draft but sadly it was not taken into consideration.

As of 2018, Farmer appears to be a completely changed person. He used his story of him to encourage, inspire and guide people who have come down the same path. Looking at his life, you can feel it is a true rehab story. He had a short time when things went wrong but, more importantly, he kept going. Farmer has returned as a better person and now has a new start in life.

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