Yo Yo Honey Singh: Serious allegation against wife of Honey Singh: Complaint filed

Shalini Talwar: There was a lot of admiration in the Bollywood courtesy of this intimate couple. But even a few years ago Honey Singh was also suffering from mental depression.

Yo Yo Honey Singh Shalini Talwar
Yo Yo Honey Singh Shalini Talwar

Serious allegations have been leveled against Yo Yo Honey Singh, the famous rap singer. Shalini Talwar, his wife, complained that her husband had committed family violence. A case has been filed in Delhi’s Tis Hazari court, alleging that Hani Singh has given me physical and mental torture in his complaint. The court has issued a notice to Honey Singh to answer the matter by August 28.

Bollywood rap singer Honey Singh and Shalini got married in 2011 in Gurdwara, Delhi. The 10-year marriage has now been broken, following serious allegations from his wife. The husband beat her up. He also alleged that he was being harassed every day.

Honey Singh kept his wife away from Rangin Duniya. The two got married in 2011 but were never made public. In 2014, however, Honey Singh introduced his wife for the first time on a reality show.

The couple were also admired in the Bollywood courtyard. But even a few years ago Honey Singh was also suffering from mental depression. Honey Singh, who at one point was recognized as a Top Singer, had lost his fame. At the same time, his wife Shalini stood with her and shunned the solitude. Honey Singh said he was very well cared for during the depression.

Also, in an interview, Shalini is my friend and I always listen to her. Honey Singh praised his wife because she is very important to me and she always makes the right decision. Shalini has now gone to court on charges of family violence. It remains to be seen what turn this allegation will take.

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