There will be no red carpet at the Oscars this year; instead, the hue will be champagne

carpet at Oscars
carpet at Oscars

For the first time in more than six decades, the red carpet will not be rolled out for Hollywood’s biggest night. The Oscars‘ famous carpet, where actors show off their most exquisite and extravagant outfits, will be a “champagne” tint this year.

The Oscars’ red carpet will be white for the first time since 1961. Work employees roll out the carpet outside the Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles on Wednesday, March 8, 2023, in preparation for the 95th Academy Awards on Sunday.

No more red carpet at Oscars: Champagne will be the color for this year's ceremony

The reason for the adjustment has not yet been disclosed by the producers, but the Oscars creative team will address at a press conference later Wednesday. Jimmy Kimmel, the show’s host, was on hand for the unveiling and had some amusing things to say about the alteration.

“I believe we can go with a champagne carpet instead of a red carpet because we are so convinced that no blood will be shed,” Kimmel stated. Viewers of the awards presentation also noticed the carpet modification.’

From red to 'champagne', iconic Oscars carpet is no more | TVP World

“It seems a pity because the red carpet is so famous, isn’t it?” said Ian Logan, a tourist from England. “Just doesn’t seem quite right to change it.”

“That seems a shame because the red carpet is so famous, isn’t it?” remarked Ian Logan, an English tourist. “It just doesn’t feel right to modify it.” Outside the Oscars, there will still be red, but it will be in the form of draperies and other surroundings.

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