Andrés Garcia, how much money does he have and who will he give it to?

Andres Garcia
Andres Garcia

Hundreds of millions of dollars! The actor Andrés Garcia amassed a large fortune, but his successors did not appear to be what many expected.

The entertainment industry is grieving the death of legendary Mexican actor Andrés Garcia, who died on April 4 at the age of 81. Garcia was a fixture in the film and television industries, appearing in a slew of films and soap operas over his career and amassing an estimated fortune of around $10 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth.


Andres Garcia


Nevertheless, following his death, doubts concerning how his estate will be shared arise. Andrés Garcia had originally selected Roberto Palazuelos as his executor and had allocated his fortune as follows: 50% of his assets to the Black Diamond, 10% to his sister Rosita, 10% to his ex-wife Sandra, 10% to his wife Margarita, and 10% to his sons Andrés and Leonardo.

Yet, due to different controversies, the actor changed his will several times to favour his wife Margarita and her sister Rosa, who cared for him in his final years. In an interview with “Sale el Sun,” the actor stated that he didn’t remember how his will turned out, but that Margarita handled it.


Andrés García Dies: Mexican-Dominican Telenovela Actor & 'Chanoc' Star Was  81 – Deadline


Andrés Garcia’s fortune comprised a number of properties, including “El Paraso” in the Cuesta de Acapulco and “El Castle” near Santo Tomás Ajusco, Mexico City. This last property, however, was recently sold by Margarita Portillo’s son, causing controversy because its estimated value is over 60 million pesos while Leonardo Garca only received a Jeep and one million pesos.

The battle over Andrés Garcia’s inheritance highlights how intricate the problem of inheritance may be, as well as the need of having a clear and up-to-date will. The actor’s passing leaves a significant legacy in the entertainment world, and his name will be remembered for centuries to come.


Muere Andrés García, el eterno galán del cine y las telenovelas mexicanas -  Los Angeles Times

Huge controversy has also resulted from the fact that the wife of the Mexican television and movie star assured that Andrés Garcia’s children would not attend the funeral services, even stressing that Leonardo Garca would have invented being on a trip so as not to attend, assuring who was in Guerrero, where they will say their final goodbye to the actor.

He also mentioned Andrea Garca, adding that his father convinced him that he did not want to see her since if she had not been interested in him for so many years, she would not need to approach him now that she was about to go.

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