5 excellent streaming shows to watch this Easter


Today, we’ll introduce you to five miniseries to watch if you’re not planning on leaving the house for Easter. Today we bring you 5 miniseries to watch if you don’t leave the house this Easter, and the greatest part is that they are available on various entertainment platforms, so there is something for everyone.


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If you haven’t already scheduled your relaxation days, we have a few suggestions that you won’t be able to refuse. The truth is that many people prefer to rest from the comfort of their own homes while on vacation, so instead of travelling out of town, they choose to perform pending tasks or simply lie down to appreciate something beautiful to sight.


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It should be noted that these suggestions include suspense, action, drama shows, and much more. So don’t put it off any longer; grab some popcorn and settle in to watch these intriguing stories.

1.Black Mirror

Hence, below, we describe some common options available on streaming platforms. There are four seasons in total, with a number of auto-complete chapters in each.

2.AKA Grace

In this case, science fiction portrays a genuinely uncomfortable near future in which the race’s greatest technological advancements intersect with its darkest desires. This miniseries, which has become one of the greatest on Netflix, is divided into six chapters.

It is based on the author of El Cuento de la Criada’s namesake book, which narrates the narrative of an alleged murderer in 1843.

3.True detective

It features two exciting seasons, but don’t worry, each has a distinct cast and story.

It’s an anthology series in which police investigations disclose people’s personal and professional secrets both inside and outside the law.

4.After the hurricane

This dramatic series, based on true events, examines the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina and its impact on New Orleans Memorial Hospital.

The hospital depicts how the crisis was felt not only during the storm’s effects, but also after the containment dikes that protected the city were breached.


Don Hall designed this Disney production, which is a sequel to the animated film Big Hero 6. Characters in his 8-minute feature films will require a novel robotic healing system to mend in more ways than they think.

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