Andrea Legarreta discusses her relationship issues with Anette Cuburu in an open and honest manner.

The famous dispute between Cuburu and Andrea Legarreta was a misunderstanding, according to Andrea Legarreta, who still does not understand why her colleague disparaged her.

Andrea Legarreta And Anette Cuburu.

It was now Erik Rubin’s wife’s chance to disclose why she left her former partner after host Anette Cuburu confessed she has no friendship with Andrea Legarreta since they couldn’t get along on the show ‘Hoy,’ disclosing that a problem she preferred not to talk about at the time.

Cucuru’s famous lawsuit against Andrea Legarreta was really a misunderstanding, as the latter has no idea what made her express herself so negatively about the former on social media.

“When someone shared her words with me, I was shocked.”

She also remembered working with Roberto Romagnoli on a stage where they got to know each other and laughed a lot: “Afterwards, empathy and friendship started to be developed there, we laughed a lot. Later on, when she left ‘Today,’ she visited Annie and saw my girls again. There was a wonderful bond between them based on mutual respect. Then, when I saw her statements, it inspired me to write to him, “he explained. I typed a message back.”

It was better for Legarreta not to delve into specifics, knowing that her ex-partner may find them upsetting, given that she wasn’t kind in her reaction due to the rumours they couldn’t confirm.

“He was really aggressive in her response to me, and it was draining.” It’s possible that people have informed her that Andrea went to crack and then this happened. She preferred to believe this rather than take the consequences of her decision, and so she wrote to me in a forceful manner.”

It doesn’t matter how people react to her, because Ma and Nina’s mother assures them that she never betrayed their friendship or understood why Cuburu had to attack them in the way that she did, so they had to talk about it in the chat. She made it apparent through text messages that she had erred by placing her faith in a third party rather than seeking them out to resolve their problems.

In response, I said: ‘You are incorrect.'” In the end, I accept your decisions as a mother and woman and that is how it will be; I am not the one to criticise anyone. In the end, I think we should all anticipate that our decisions sometimes have consequences.’ That’s what made me upset because I’m not the one who has to go in and point out or evaluate someone else’s narrative,” she continued.

To her colleague Andrea Legarreta’s disappointment, following Cuburu’s defiant refusal and combative manner of response, she renewed her well wishes, but not before informing him of her blunder.

So, I told her, ‘You’re furious at the wrong guy. You’ve got a lot of things incorrect’. As I already stated, my best wishes are with you. To me, she’s an accomplished professional with lovely children. She made me sad because it’s unfair that someone despises or despises you without even bothering to verify whether or not what they were told is real or not.


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