Jenny 69 reveals a flirty side while flaunting her stunning features.

To complete her look, Jennifer Ruiz wore a western-type bonnet and high heels, which was totally in keeping with her personal style.

Jenny 69 Pack

A provocative photo shoot featuring Jenny 69, the new lead vocalist of the lying corridos band, was released recently.

The Riverside, California resident shared photos of herself wearing a red frame-type dress with chains that only covered the front of her body.


Jen Ny69
Featured Image: Via Instagram @ Jen Ny69

A cowboy hat, black heels, and other accoutrements completed the look, much like Jennifer Ruiz, the singer’s real name.


Less pretty* than bastard*,” wrote” La 69″ interpreter in the photo’s caption.

THIS MIGHT APPEAL TO YOU: The new LYING CORRIDOS singer, JENNY 69, was inspired by Natal Cano.


Jenny 69

Jenny 69 racked up over 171,000 “likes” and tens of thousands of comments from admiring fans and friends after sharing her breathtaking images on social media.


People have said things like, “Wow,” “That,” “What a bitch,” and “Pretty,” among others.



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