Andrea Legarreta looks tall and elegant in this dress, a tip for short women


Andrea Legarreta, 50 years old, is a true fashion icon, proof of this is how she wears the dresses she wears, making it clear that knowing how to combine the perfect outfit can make her look too impressive, despite being a tall woman. low since he measures 1.60, that does not prevent him from looking ten.

And recently she wore a knee-length black straight dress with normal shoulder straps, but the trick that Andrea Legarreta used to not look shorter was to wear good sneakers, she also chose the best pose to look taller, achieving a perfect vision for his fans who applauded him.

The host of the Hoy program and now a judge of Las Estrellas Bailan en Hoy made a good choice with the black dress, which will always be synonymous with poise, since this tone favors any woman, as if that were not enough, a good hairstyle like Well-crafted waves are perfect for these dresses

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Another thing in favor of Andrea Legarreta is that she has always taken care of her figure, that is, she goes into the gym with everything, in terms of good nutrition she is an expert, because she knows that the results for a ten-year-old physique are mainly based on the diet, something he has been doing for several years, as well as sleeping well since his work demands it since he starts preparing from a very early hour.

“Hello beautiful beautiful night my beautiful queen God bless you”, “I would lend you a mirror but after you, the most beautiful thing is your reflection this goddess!!”, “Hello, @andrealegarreta most honestly and sincerely I want to tell you that you look very, very pretty, beautiful, and charming with your look. I send you greetings and kisses”, “Simply divine, beautiful and spectacular I love You”, and write the social networks.

It is worth mentioning that the beautiful woman has been rid of scandals for a long time since many of the viewers have noticed that she is too cautious with her comments since she does not want to receive hate, which is very typical among artists today.

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