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How to Connect Bluetooth Headphones to Nintendo Switch?

how to connect bluetooth headphones to nintendo switch
how to connect bluetooth headphones to nintendo switch

Technology has pushed the boundaries of video gaming. It has redefined expectations when it comes to graphics and gameplays. And if you have a high-speed internet connection powered by Cox customer service, that’s no less than icing on the cake.

There’s no denying that the gaming industry is dominated by the likes of PlayStation and Xbox. However, that doesn’t take anything away from the greatness of the Nintendo Switch. The handheld console has long been a favorite of many gamers.

What Is Nintendo Switch?

Nintendo Switch is a hybrid video gaming console designed by Nintendo. The device saw a worldwide release in 2017. Players can use it as a portable device or a home console. It comes with multiple features such as Joy-con controllers, analog sticks, and much more.

Perhaps the best thing about Switch is that it supports online gaming. All you have to do is connect the device to the internet and play your favorite games online. Nintendo also introduced Switch Lite and a high-end model of the original Nintendo Switch.

It is worth mentioning Switch users had for long wanted the device to support wireless audio connectivity. Nintendo Switch lacked the wireless audio support feature until the company decided to give the players what they’d wanted for so long.

Yes, you read that right. Both Switch and its latter variant Switch Lite now support wireless audio connectivity. That means you can connect a Bluetooth device to your device and enjoy your favorite games while traveling. However, it is important to note that you’ll need to have a 13.0.0 (or above) version of the software.

How to Setup Bluetooth Connection on Switch? 

Connecting your Bluetooth headset or earbuds to Nintendo Switch is pretty easy. Turn on your Bluetooth headphones to pair them with the device. Also, make sure that the pairing mode is on so that the Nintendo device can discover your headset. You can read instructions from the manual or check online for more information.

AirPods pro users can connect their Bluetooth accessory with the Nintendo Switch. To do that, first put the AirPods inside the case. Make sure the lid is open. Press the rear button. You’ll start noticing the frontside white light blinking. Make sure the lid is open so that you can pair the earbuds with the gaming console.

Now onto the Nintendo Switch pairing mode. Go to the gaming console’s home screen. Find the cog icon and select it followed by the Bluetooth Audio option. You’ll see one of the two options. One will allow you to add a Bluetooth device. If you don’t see the option, select the Pair Device option. If you don’t see the name of your headset connection on the screen, select the Add Device option.

How to Remove Bluetooth Connection on Switch? 

You can control your headset volume via the buttons atop your Switch device. You can also remove Bluetooth headphones you no longer want to use. To do that, go to System Settings. Select Bluetooth Audio followed by your headset’s name. Select the Remove Device option. Remember, doing so will permanently remove the paired Bluetooth device and you will need to repeat the whole pairing process.

Are There Any Limitations to Bluetooth Audio Connectivity? 

Yes. The company says there are several limitations to the new functionality. One of the limitations is that you cannot pair more than two controllers when using Bluetooth audio with Switch. Without the Bluetooth audio, however, you can pair up to eight controllers. Another major limitation is that you won’t be able to use the microphone built into your headphones. Yikes!

Moreover, your Switch console will display a message on the device’s screen. Most of the time, the message is: “You may experience latency depending on the Bluetooth device you are using.” That isn’t something unusual when using Bluetooth devices. It is expected that Nintendo will address the latency issue with future updates.

Also, you cannot connect more than one Bluetooth audio device to your gaming console while playing. It is worth mentioning that Switch can remember up to 10 Bluetooth audio devices. Moreover, it is important to note that any instance of local communication will lead to the termination of your Bluetooth audio connection.

Switch Bluetooth audio users have also complained about varying audio quality and slow-wake-up time. The issue usually persists in different Bluetooth audio sets. In case you’re having trouble pairing the Bluetooth device, try the following methods:

  • Remove existing Bluetooth audio devices
  • Switch off your gaming console
  • Restart the device after several seconds


Because this is new functionality, there are a few technical flaws. If you cannot pair one set of Bluetooth headphones, try using another one. Nintendo is expected to announce more updates in the future. The company has already given the players what they’ve been wanting for so long. Let’s give them some time and enjoy playing your favorite games in Switch in the meantime.

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