Girl never wanted to see face, Ex boyfriend gave a shock!

The video shared by Kylie Putzy on Tiktok. It’s gone viral. She is a student of Biochemistry. Kylie is a resident of Wisconsin, USA.

Kylie Putzy
Kylie Putzy

Ex-boyfriend dating Sister: A girl had a breakup with her boyfriend, after that she had decided that she would never see her face. But now he had to face a strange situation recently.

When her ex-boyfriend started dating her own sister. The girl has shared the video of the entire story that happened with her on Tiktok, which has become viral on social media. 

According to the news of ‘The Sun’, Kylie Putzy has shared this video on Tiktok. She is a student of Biochemistry. Kylie is a resident of Wisconsin, USA. The video that he has shared on Tiktok, was seen by close to 6 lakh people within two days.

Kylie says that it is quite funny. However, many people are also commenting on this video of him. Many people have called this action of Kylie’s sister wrong. One user wrote in the comment, ‘If my sister had done this, she would never have been able to walk in life.’

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