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7 Future Predictions for Artificial intelligence in 2022

5 Top Technology Trends In 2019 And The Opportunities They Will Create 1030x672 1
5 Top Technology Trends In 2019 And The Opportunities They Will Create 1030x672 1

It was back in 2018 when Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning came in the buzz. Don’t expect it to come down. AI is going to become a part of the tapestry of our lives just like electricity and the Internet have. And hence everyone has two types (or more) of bills to pay – utility bill and Cox cable bill pay (or that of any other cable Internet service you are using).

The changes that AI promises for business, as well as society, are going to bring technological revolutions. AI is promising a future where machines will do all the physical work and think as well. In other words, they will be making decisions.

Let’s see what’s expected to change and what AI predicts for the future:

1: It Will become a Matter of International Politics

The year 2018 has seen major world powers putting up fences for protecting national interests for defense and trade. This has been apparent in the relationship between AI superpowers China and the United States.

When the US government-imposed export restrictions on goods and services used for creating AI, China stepped up its game and become self-reliant on R&D. Huawei announced the plan of developing its own AI processing chips and reduced the need for relying on Intel and NVidia.

2: AI Will Have a Personality

It was predicted that humans will have deep relationships with artificial personalities. We are far from this moment but we have moved into the realm where 85% of customer interactions are being handled without human involvement. Businesses are using Zoho CRMs for optimizing their customer service capabilities. The closest to AI personnel is Sophia in Saudi Arabia, the first robot with civil rights in the world.

3: More Jobs in the Future

While millions of jobs will be lost to automation, particularly in the manufacturing industry but sectors such as healthcare, education, and the public sectors could benefit from AI services more than ever. The technology will be present alongside human professionals, assisting them by taking charge of repetitive tasks.

Humans will get the opportunity to handle the tasks that actually demand attention and let the machines handle cumbersome tasks.

4: Machines to Generate Their Own Speech and Writing

An organization named OpenAI had been in the headlines in 2019 for proclaiming a news-copy generating ML software. It was called GPT-2. It’s a new type of language generation. It trains more than 8 million sites to understand general machines of how a language work.

The same system could be trained in a more specific dataset for mimicking a certain style for Chabot, predictive text, and creative writing. This technology is going to be a breakthrough, allowing machines to speak and write.

5: The Ethical Concerns Will Grow

People started raising concerns about the ethics of machine learning and artificial intelligence for a long time. The growing concerns led to the development of a phenomenon called ethics washing. Companies show they will be taking ethical issues seriously without concrete changes. Google’s powerless ethics board is a perfect example of this. It was dissolved because of fierce backlash.

Policymakers are now proposing as well as passing new laws to govern the use of tech such as facial recognition and collectively pushing back against aspects of employer business they find immoral. This distinction is expected to grow in 2020 and will result in a movement for real change.

6: Voice Assistants and Conversational UI to Become Standard

The AI-based language has become very accurate. Many people are going hands-free on their mobile devices. It’s all because of the conversational UIs that are allowing users to generate text through voice inputs.

By the end of the year 2020, verbal inputs like texts and even tweets will be rendered via AI-driven voice assistants in the user devices. Over the years, voice assistance and conversational user interfaces will become a standard feature with gadgets. Slowly, the use of keyboards, keypads, and even touch screen interfaces will diminish. This is going to be a fun era of tech revolutions to witness.

7: AI will Drive on Your Behalf

AI-driven cars will drive you home from work and you could be reading a book or maybe even taking a nap. Electric cars will be driving autonomously for the moment. If a complicated traffic agreement approaches, the AI will politely interrupt the driver and warm him/her to take over within the next 10 seconds. Not to worry, the conversation will be natural.

Summing Up

Over the next years, the AI we know will become smarter and more capable. Soon, a world of humans and machines will evolve, making this world a better place full of possibilities nobody could have imagined.

Who knows you will ask your robot body to pay your Cox Gigablast bill or maybe even take it to customer support on your behalf. You would just have to focus on using the service and Artificial Intelligence will take care of your chores.

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