Madrid exceeds 1,000 deaths from coronavirus after registering 217 in one day

The number of infected in the entire Madrid community is close to 10,000

Madrid exceeds 1000 deaths from coronavirus after registering 217 in one day
Madrid exceeds 1000 deaths from coronavirus after registering 217 in one day

The Community of Madrid exceeded 1,000 deaths from the coronavirus on Sunday, registering a total of 1,021 deaths after this Saturday there were 217 more deaths, according to data provided by the Ministry of Health.

The number of infected in the Madrid community is close to the figure of 10,000. The Government gave a confirmed positive figure of 9,702 in this region, the one with the highest number of infections and deaths in all of Spain, where 1,720 deaths and 28,572 confirmed cases have been registered. .

Of all the confirmed patients in Madrid there are 834 admitted to the ICU, 67 more than yesterday and there are also 1,899 people who have been cured , 357 more than this Saturday. Those who died in Madrid represent 59.4% of all those in the country, which now totals 1,720 deaths with coronavirus, 394 more than yesterday, according to the data.

Last midnight, the field hospital set up in the Ifema fairgrounds began to operate, in pavilion 5, 200 beds have been set up, where there are already 66 patients with mild symptoms who have been transferred from different hospital centers after guaranteeing that the facility gathered ” all the sanitary and logistical guarantees ”

60% of deaths throughout Spain have occurred in the community of Madrid

In a first phase, a total of 1,396 beds are put into service in halls 7 and 9: 1,300 conventional and 96 ICU posts. In this sense, hall 9 already has 15 modules of 50 conventional posts each (750 beds) and four ICU modules ready, with 16 beds in each one (64 in total).

This ‘modular hospital’ model will be replicated in wards 1, 3, 5, 7 and 9. In total, therefore, it is expected to have 3,000 beds, both conventional and ICU, available to the emergency device health by coronavirus launched in the Community of Madrid.

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