PANDEMIC for the COVID-19 virus The Gran Hotel Colón hotel of the Ayre chain in Madrid, which is already welcoming patients from the Community of Madrid (Dani Duch)

Almost 3,500 healthcare professionals infected with Covid-19, 12% of the total

30% of patients admitted to the ICU are between 30 and 60 years old

Almost 3,500 health professionals have been infected by Covid-19, which represents 12% of the total (28,572). This was indicated by the person in charge of the Coordination Center for Emergencies and Health Alerts, Fernando Simón , at the daily press conference offered by the technical committee to learn about the evolution of the virus.

These data, worrisome in the words of Simon, reveal the condition of the coronavirus in professionals who are directly fighting against it. The affection in this group is a cause for concern due to the fact that it involves sick leave at a time when an unprecedented avalanche of cases is looming (the famous peak).

The finding that Covid-19 was directly affected by health professionals forced the Government to mobilize all available doctors and nurses , including seniors and recent retirees (up to 50,000).

He also announced that a treatment for other pathologies that may serve to reduce the risk of contagion for this group is being investigated .

On the other hand, Health has reported that 3 0% of those admitted to the ICU are between 30 and 60 years old, a figure extracted with those provided by the communities about 19,000 confirmed cases. From these data dis aggregated by age, it is confirmed that the coronavirus affects especially those over 60 and, above all, those over 70 (41%) , but also adults who have not reached the age of 60.

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