The channels: WhatsApp would implement one of the main features of Telegram

A leak indicates that this new WhatsApp feature would receive the community name. Find out how it would work here.

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WhatsApp communities will allow users to create group chats within themselves to chat on any topic. Photo: ADSLZone

WhatsApp developers are working on new features to implement in the instant messaging application for iOS and Android mobile devices. As more emojis have arrived on the platform, a leak indicates that a Meta division would seek to implement one of Telegram’s main functions: chat channels.

Telegram, WhatsApp’s main competition, has a wide variety of tools, but the one that stands out the most are the channels, community chats in which users can send text messages, audios, photographs, videos, links, among other files. These are free and support thousands of members.

According to Andro4all, the WABetaInfo website revealed that communities will be the new feature of the instant messaging app that belongs to Mark Zuckerberg’s company. In it, there will be an administrator who creates community chats within it.
In addition, administrators will have the ability to invite other users through invitation links, such as in Telegram or Discord. Regarding the content, it is mentioned that it will remain encrypted from end to end, and will have a different distinctive from WhatsApp groups.

On the other hand, those of WABetaInfo explain that administrators will also be able to send messages to their community chats and new management functions will be added to organize each of the groups that will be created.

However, it is not known when the communities will arrive on WhatsApp, although many assure that they will not have to wait long for its launch, since its development seems to be at a very advanced stage.


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