WhatsApp will allow you to hide your profile picture from the contacts you want

Hiding your profile picture from ‘unwanted’ contacts will soon be a reality. Learn how this tool will work on WhatsApp

WhatsApp will allow you to hide your profile picture from the contacts you want

A few days ago, WhatsApp experienced the worst crisis in its history after the fall of its service worldwide for several hours. However, this inconvenience has not stopped the plans of the platform that continues to work on a new tool that will allow us to hide our profile photo from specific contacts. This feature is still in the testing phase and only those who signed up for the beta of the app on iOS and Android can access it.

The WhatsApp profile photo is practically like the ID of the famous messaging application owned by Facebook. Every time we open the app on our mobile to send a message, in most cases the only thing we look at is the profile photo of our chats to identify each of the contacts.

However, that the profile photo can be seen by all our contacts, which can be annoying for some users since sometimes we have certain people added only for work or academic reasons. Therefore, this new tool would be ideal for many people who use WhatsApp.

According to the specialized portal WABetaInfo, in the new beta version of WhatsApp for the Android update, details of the new personalized privacy settings for the profile photo have been revealed. That is, to hide it we will have the following options:

  • Everyone: anyone who has you on their WhatsApp contact list will be able to see your profile picture.
  • My contacts: only the people you have added to your WhatsApp contact list will be able to see your profile picture.
  • My contacts except: is the new option that will allow you to hide your profile photo from certain contacts.
  • Nobody: No person will be able to see your profile picture.

In a past beta of WhatsApp, these options had already been shown for the “last connection time”; However, the platform has also chosen to add it to the profile photo. On the other hand, the official date of the launch of this functionality for all users is not yet known.

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