WhatsApp Web: so you can open the app on your PC even without internet on your phone

WhatsApp Web needs a phone connected to the internet to stay online; however, each device will soon be able to independently link to servers.

whatsapp web
whatsapp web

The coronavirus pandemic made WhatsApp Web gain a lot of notoriety among the millions of users of the application. Millions of people decided to adopt this Facebook platform to better coordinate their topics of interest from the same computer where they telecommute.

However, one of the most determining limitations that WhatsApp Web has maintained in all these years has to do with the need to keep our phone (Android or iOS) constantly connected to the internet. When our mobile phone runs out of signal, the web platform will stop working.

This dilemma has already been solved by competing options, such as Telegram. While WhatsApp Web can already be opened on more than one device at a time, there are still some useful options left. Fortunately, the restriction of the connection on the cell phone has already been resolved in the beta version.

In this testing stage, WhatsApp already has a server where it is possible to connect to up to four devices without having to be linked to each other.

This means that, if for any reason you run out of internet on your cell phone, the WhatsApp Web session or sessions that you have opened on a laptop, PC can continue to function using the Wi-Fi or native network that you have on these devices.

As we mentioned, this function is only available in WhatsApp beta, a version that you can access by following these steps on your Android :

  • In WhatsApp, tap the more options icon (three vertical dots in the upper right corner)
  • Go to Linked Devices
  • Tap on Beta version for various devices
  • Click on Join the beta version

The steps for iPhone are slightly different. If you have an Apple phone, please follow as below:

  • In WhatsApp, go to Settings
  • Go to Linked Devices
  • Tap on Beta version for various devices
  • Click on Join the beta version

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