Learn How to avoid being added to WhatsApp groups without my permission?

This WhatsApp trick will avoid all those annoyances when they add you to group chats with topics that are not of your interest.

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Millions of users use WhatsApp on a daily basis to communicate on important or personal topics with their contacts. However, the app’s practicality is so great that it is often used for any topic, including coordination in group conversations. This is why many times you can see yourself involved in a group made on a topic that does not interest you.

By default, the WhatsApp configuration allows us to be added to any group without limitations. There are few times in which these groups have no purpose in our interest. Group chats can also be a source of spam, unwanted notifications, and other reasons that we would prefer to avoid.

Luckily, the application has a useful option to prevent us from being added to groups without first being consulted. It is available for both Android and iPhone and, if you keep it active, you can even decide who can add you to groups and who cannot.

How to avoid being added to WhatsApp groups without my permission?

To avoid being added to WhatsApp groups without your permission, you must first go to the application on your cell phone and follow these steps:

  • In WhatsApp, tap the three-dot icon in the upper right corner
  • Click on Settings
  • Go to Account
  • Click on the Privacy submenu
  • Scroll to the Groups section
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You Can Configure Who Can Add You To Groups From The Whatsapp Options. Photo: Xataka Android

How do I choose who can add me to groups on WhatsApp?

Once inside this section, you can select one of the three privacy options that WhatsApp provides. They are similar to the alternatives for the statuses and the profile picture. Choose the one that suits you best:

If you choose Everyone, then any user can add you to a group, even if you don’t have it in your contact list. This is the option that you should avoid.

If you choose My contacts, only the people you have in your contact list will be able to add you to groups

If you choose My contacts, except …, you can limit any contact and prevent them from adding you to groups without having to block it. Use it if it is someone close with whom you want to keep in touch but avoid their constant invitations.

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