WhatsApp Web: how to use two different accounts from your PC?

With this simple trick, you can connect to WhatsApp accounts of two different numbers on the same computer.

You will be able to enter completely independent sessions. Photo:

Have you ever tried to access accounts with different WhatsApp numbers on your PC or computer? Then, you will know that it is not a simple task and it seems impossible to achieve. However, here we have a simple trick with which you can access completely different terminals of the app from your laptop without major problems. Thus, you will not have to enter different devices.

You just have to follow the steps that we will list below. We anticipate that you will not need to download any third-party application to your smartphone or use any Google Chrome extension from your browser.

How to enter two different WhatsApp accounts from a PC?

First, you have to open a new tab in your preferred search engine. You can carry out this method from Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, or one of the other options. The only essential requirement is that the browser is capable of creating a private or unknown window, that is, that it works independently of the rest of the tabs you are using.

Thus, enter an empty window and enter WhatsApp Web. You can do it by simply typing the name of the application.

Once there, go to your smartphone and open the WhatsApp application. Then, in the menu of three vertical dots located in the upper right corner, locate the Paired Devices option. Inside that panel, press the ‘+’ button to be able to scan the QR that appears on your computer screen. When the scanning process is finished, you will have successfully entered the first of the two accounts of the instant messaging application.

At this point, open an incognito or private session tab. This will act as a kind of the second device and will not interfere with the session you started just now.

Do the same process as the previous lines, but instead of using the same account, scan the WhatsApp Web QR with another of your smart devices. Thus, a completely different account will be opened and anchored to another phone number. Ready!

Dual Whatsapp In Laptop

How to access hidden WhatsApp functions

Did you know that there is a method to access hidden WhatsApp features before they are officially released to the general public? It is very simple and all you have to do is participate in the beta program of the application.

The first step is to sign up for the WhatsApp beta tester community. If you are an Android user, you can do it from the Google Play website, by clicking on the “Become a tester” button. Once done, the word Beta will appear next to the app in the app store.

On iOS, the TestFlight app will need to be installed. Upon entering it, press the ‘Continue’ button and then read the terms and conditions. The beta invitation link will appear, there select the option ‘Start testing’. Finally, this will take you to a section to install the trial version of WhatsApp.

How to activate the ‘dark mode’?

The ‘ dark mode ‘ of WhatsApp changes the green that characterizes the instant messaging application and replaces it with a black, this to protect the view of users who chat at night with your friends, family, coworkers, etc.

If you want to use WhatsApp’s ‘ dark mode ‘, then we recommend applying the following secret trick that has just been shared on YouTube and that thousands of people are already using with very satisfactory results.

WhatsApp: create an application capable of translating a call or video call in real time

WhatsApp has call and video calling functions, tools that are widely used by users who, in many cases, usually talk with people from abroad. If you don’t speak another language, we tell you that there is an application called iTourTranslator, which is capable of translating the conversation in real time. This app is also compatible with TelegramMessenger, and WeChat.

As detailed by Paréntesis, a portal specialized in technology, it will not be necessary for both people to have it installed on their phone, which can be Android or iPhone. It is enough that one owns the program for it to work.

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