WhatsApp: the trick to send high-quality photos from the application

Did you know that WhatsApp reduces the quality of the photos you share by default? With this method you can avoid it.

WhatsApp: the trick to send high-quality photos from the application

WhatsApp is the application of instant messaging most used in the world and millions of users of Android and iPhone also use the platform to quickly send media files like photos and video. Despite this, many have noticed that the images that are shared through the application do not always have the same quality as the originals and this is because, by default, the Meta app reduces it to save space on the phone. Fortunately, there is a trick to disable this feature and keep the maximum resolution. Are you interested

Usually, WhatsApp reduces the quality of the photos when our mobile is using a mobile data connection; however, the option could be activated even when we are joined to a Wi-Fi network.

There is only one way to ensure whether or not we have the maximum quality of the multimedia files configured and, for this, we will provide you with all the steps that you must follow below.

How to send high-quality photos by WhatsApp?

To share photos in high quality through WhatsApp, that is, that the application does not compress the original files, we must enter the configuration options from our phone. Follow these steps:

  • Open WhatsApp on your Android phone or iPhone
  • Enter the Settings menu by pressing the three dots in the upper right part (Android) or in the corresponding option in the lower right part (iPhone)
  • Once there, go to Storage and data
  • Then, look for the section Upload quality of the files
  • You will see that you can choose three options: Automaticbetter quality, and data saving
  • If you choose automatic, your photos are likely to be compressed when WhatsApp detects that your phone is connected to a mobile data network
  • If you want to always share photos with the highest quality, select the Best quality option

Ready, now all the images you share on WhatsApp will be sent with their original resolution. Keep in mind that this could lead to higher mobile data consumption if you don’t have an unlimited plan.


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