WhatsApp: the step by step to download the stickers of “La casa de papel 5”

You can share these new WhatsApp stickers on both Android and iOS to comment with your friends about the premiere of La casa de papel 5.

Money Heist
The new Sticker Heist sticker pack can be downloaded on iOS and Android. Photo: LR composition

The fifth season of the famous series La casa de papel has just premiered on Netflix this Friday, September 3, 2021. The messaging service WhatsApp has not wanted to miss this opportunity to celebrate the arrival of the new chapters of the Spanish saga, so which has launched a pack of stickers.

This new WhatsApp sticker pack is called Sticker Heist and as we can see in the screenshot shown by the WABetaInfo portal, there are stickers of The Professor, Lieutenant Sierra, Nairobi, and more.

How to download the new sticker pack from Sticker Heist?

This pack is available for all countries and contains a total of 17 different stickers inspired by characters in La casa de papel 5.

The new sticker pack Sticker Heist is downloaded in the same way as the other stickers that we find in WhatsApp, you just have to follow these steps:

  • Enter any WhatsApp chat
  • Then, click on the emoji in the text box where we write
  • Select the third icon from the bottom, the one shaped like a folded paper (or sticker)
  • In the keyboard window that opens, click on the icon with the ‘+’ symbol in the upper right corner
  • The sticker search selection will open
  • We are looking for one called Sticker Heist
  • Click on the download arrow icon and that’s it
Money Heist.png 2
Whatsapp Sticker Heist

As you can see, it is 658 KB in size, so it does not take up much space on the mobile. It should be said that all the stickers are animated and represent phrases or scenes of the characters.

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