WhatsApp: how to leave a group without any member finding out?

The instant messaging application offers a wide variety of hidden tricks, such as how to ‘leave’ a WhatsApp group without having to leave it.

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WhatsApp is one of the most downloaded applications on iOS and Android devices. However, the thousands of users that make up its community are unaware of the tricks that are hidden in the messaging service, such as how to ‘leave’ a group without the members knowing .

Group chats in WhatsApp are created by users, mostly to organize a meeting of friends, talk with family members, be in contact with friends who live far away and for work reasons.

It is normal that in these spaces people send text messages, audio, memes, GIFs, stickers and emojis very frequently, to the point that they make you want to leave, but you decline this decision to avoid problems. Next, we tell you how to ‘leave’ a WhatsApp group without leaving it completely.

How to ‘leave’ a WhatsApp group without having to leave it?
There are two ways to ‘leave’ a WhatsApp group without literally leaving it. In the following paragraphs we will tell you how to silence notifications and archive a chat so that you do not read what they write to you.

Mute notifications

With this functionality, what the application will do is prevent group messages from appearing in the notifications section of your smartphone, be it Android or iPhone. However, if they mention you, the app will notify you. So you can activate this option.

Enter the WhatsApp group you want to silence
Click on the three vertical dots that appear at the top of the screen. On iPhone, just click on the name of the group
Enter where it says Group info and select the option to silence notifications. Mark that you do not want to receive notifications
Go back to the WhatsApp group, go to custom notifications and activate it.
How to archive chats on WhatsApp?
Now, if you want to completely ignore the WhatsApp group that you are already fed up with, the other solution that the instant messaging platform offers you is to archive chat, which can be activated in the following way.

Enter WhatsApp and hold the chat you want to archive for a few seconds
A menu will appear at the top and you must select the Archive chat icon
Select it so that the group is archived and you don’t see it in the conversations tab.

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Written by Leena Wadia

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