WhatsApp: how to activate the app’s sticker search engine?

Finally, WhatsApp added a way to find your stickers quickly. Do you want to start using it? Here we show you.

The Acclaimed Tool Is Now Available On Android And Ios.

Finally! After users pray for a finder stickers for years, it is here. The new addition may have gone unnoticed on your mobile phone, but don’t worry. In this note, we will explain how to access this acclaimed tool and how to use it correctly in your conversations

There is no doubt that the integration of the funny WhatsApp stickers into the daily conversations of its users played a decisive role in its positioning as one of the main instant messaging apps in Latin America and the rest of the world. Even more so when it gave us the possibility to create our own versions.

One of the most followed complaints from users of this app, however, had to do with the impractical way of storing and searching these stickers. However, with this new feature, WhatsApp seeks to vindicate itself. What do you think?


How to use the sticker search engine in WhatsApp?

First of all, you need to make sure that your WhatsApp application has the most recent update. If you have an iPhone, go to your App Store to verify it. If you have an Android, you will have to do the same in your Google Play Store . When you have this ready, follow these steps:

  • Open WhatsApp and enter any random chat, it does not matter if it is group or individual
  • Click on the happy face icon located in the lower left corner of the screen
  • Press on the option to open the stickers. On the left side, you will see a magnifying glass; press it
  • A search bar will open with all your saved stickers
  • In the bar, write the name of the sticker you want to send. For example: love, happy, birthday, sad. Be creative!

Unfortunately, it is not yet possible to adapt the keywords and their results in WhatsApp, so it is very likely that it will not work correctly with the stickers that you have made yourself or that you have downloaded from other places. With the stickers that come by default in the app, however, it works wonders. Have you already tried?


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