This is the last thing we know about the Samsung Galaxy S10.

samasung galaxy s 10
samasung galaxy s 10

The new Galaxy S10 could be the phone with the thinnest Samsung bevels
Although not much was released the S9 and S9 Plus phones, and the impressive Galaxy Note 9, Samsung is already working on an upcoming model and the truth is that we expect a radical redesign for the launch of 2019. So, whether that means a even more advanced camera, an amazing appearance, a greater capacity of the battery, etc., we wanted to gather all the rumors, leaks and news so you are up to date with everything that has to do with the next Samsung Galaxy S10.

Recently, according to the points of reference of HTML5 tests published by Mobiel Kopen, the screen resolutions and a new aspect ratio of the Galaxy S10 Lite (SM-G970F) and the Galaxy S10 Plus (SM-G975F) are appreciated.

According to the filtration, the Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite will have a Full HD screen of 1080 x 2280, while the screen of the Galaxy S10 Plus will be QHD with an aspect ratio of 1440 x 3040.

It is worth noting that, if we compare the resolution of the S10 Plus with the 1440 x 2960 screen in the Galaxy S9 Plus, you will notice that there are more vertical pixels integrated, suggesting a higher aspect ratio of 19: 9 about 6.4 inches for the new phone (compared to 18.5: 9 over 6.2 inches in the S9 Plus).

An increase in the height of the screens in the Galaxy S10 trio (we assume that the standard S10 will also adopt the 19: 9 ratio) suggests a reduction in the size of the frame above and below the screen.

But that is not all! There have been strong rumors that point to the use of Samsung’s Infinity O screen (which sees the front camera completely surrounded by the screen in a “hole” design) and that, in addition, that Samsung is working on a new night camera mode.

An informant claimed to Gizmodo UK as expected and rumored, Samsung will launch three Galaxy S10 phones ‘Beyond’ (the internal name of Samsung for the series of phones, which the industry assumed would be called S10). The leak ensured that there will be a standard version, a Plus version and a cheaper model with a flat screen, which is expected to be called S10 Lite.

In addition, it is said that the phone comes with the ‘Infinity-O’ hole for a front camera in a corner, which gives even more credibility to this design feature so heavily rumored.

It is also believed that the S10 can charge other devices wirelessly in a new feature called Powershare. Recall that the Huawei Mate 20 Pro was the first important phone we saw to show off this skill in 2018.

To make matters worse, it is very likely that the S10 has a fingerprint scanner on the screen, but that this is not ultrasonic, as the famous informant Evan Blass had previously said.

According to the latest news from IceUniverse, the S10 will not deviate as much from the previous Galaxy in one thing in particular: the headphone jack. According to a brief video of a supposed protective cover for the S10, this new line will still wear the venerable port. And the truth is that this would be very good news for Samsung fans, many of whom want this port to continue.

On the other hand, according to SamMobile, Samsung could use ceramics for the back panel of the Galaxy S10 in black and white, in addition to the bright yellow and green options, with gradient finishes in the style of the Huawei Pro line.

The ceramic would look great, with a high gloss finish and premium feel; But, in addition, it is very strong, which means that the back of the phone should resist scratches and marks more effectively. The rumor does not have a source, so it’s better to take it as a speculation. However, Samsung would not be the first manufacturer to use the rugged material in a phone: Xiaomi, Essential and even OnePlus have used ceramic before.

In addition, there could be three versions of the Galaxy S10, according to several internal sources to which The Bell has had access. Under the code name Beyond, the Beyond 1 and the Beyond 2 are probably the Galaxy S10 and the Galaxy S10 Plus.

In December, the famed Samsung Universe Ice Universe gave us a glimpse of how you think the next Galaxy S10 will look. And although it’s just a render, it’s worth noting that he’s one of Samsung’s best fans in the business, and has based his predictions, at least partially, on a screensaver.

The main difference between the rendering of Ice Universe and those of 91 Mobiles is the size of the bevel. Ice Universe believes that the bevels will be almost non-existent in the Galaxy S10. A day earlier, 91 Mobiles released versions of what they believe will be the Samsung Galaxy S10. The renders are quite similar, and they show a phone with a relation

Recently, according to XDA Developers, Galaxy S10 phones can offer a new camera function, much like the “Night Vision” feature like Google in Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL. But in this case, it will be called Bright Night.

There is no guarantee that Bright Night will be released along with the Samsung Galaxy S10, but it would make sense and we could see that the feature also reaches the Note 9 and S9.

The camera of the Samsung Galaxy S9 meant a big step forward with respect to the Galaxy S8; And what could we expect for the Galaxy S10? Samsung could follow Huawei’s example and increase the performance of his camera by adding more lenses.

In December, the famous Universe Ice provided a more concrete idea of ​​how the triple camera configuration will look in the Galaxy S10. According to the informant, the Galaxy S10 Lite will have a front camera and two rear cameras, while the Galaxy S10 will have a front camera and three rear cameras. For its part, the Galaxy S10 Plus will have two front cameras along with three rear cameras.

But, Ice Universe is not the only person who offers camera predictions on the Samsung Galaxy S10. Earlier this year, Sammobile already predicted that the Galaxy S10 would come with three camera lenses on the back. The main lens will be the same 12-megapixel variable aperture lens that we saw on the Samsung Galaxy S9, joined by a 16-megapixel wide-angle lens with a field of view of 123 degrees, an aperture of f / 1.9, but without optical Image stabilization or autofocus. The third objective seems to be the same as we saw in the S9 Plus: a 13 megapixel with a much smaller f / 2.4 aperture, probably equipped with a 2x telephoto zoom.

The report also suggests that only a larger Galaxy S10 Plus would come equipped with the three full lenses; the smallest S10 would probably have only two, and it is not clear which lens would be left out. The Bell claims that the S9 Plus’s dual-lens camera will return to the S10 Plus, but with an additional 16-megapixel wide-angle lens. It also ensures that the S10 will come with a double selfie camera.

On the other hand, The Wall Street Journal also provided rumored information about the configuration of the camera in the 5G edition of the Samsung Galaxy S10, ensuring that, the 5G model of the Samsung Galaxy S10 will have four camera lenses in the back and two cameras Frontal The details of what these lenses will do in particular are scarce, although the document states that the lenses “promise richer photos and a better spatial perception”.

Recently, a source who spoke with Gizmodo UK revealed that Samsung’s next Galaxy S10 will be available for advance orders on February 20, 2019 and will be officially launched on March 8.

However, not everyone agrees with that information, since The Bell claims that Samsung plans to launch in January 2019 for the Galaxy S10 at CES Las Vegas.

It is possible … but unlikely. While Samsung launched its Galaxy S9 in MWC 2018, the Galaxy S8 launched in its own event “Unpacked” in 2017, and although the Galaxy S10 is not a redesign as big as the S8, it is possible that Samsung will present its phone again Newest in a special event, not competing for headlines during the CES. However, the reasoning behind a CES release is that Samsung would present its folding Galaxy X at MWC 2019.

The code name of the Galaxy S10 has been revealed and is “Beyond.” The names of the codes are quite significant because they are usually an indicator of what the manufacturer is trying to achieve with their new device.

The Galaxy S8 was codenamed “Dream”, that is, Samsung’s dream to beat Apple, the S9 was “Star” for being the polished star of the Galaxy range.

“Beyond” is probably an indication that Samsung is planning a fairly large redesign of the S-line in its form and function and probably intends for the S10 to break with the decrease in the number of premium smartphone sales that we have seen in 2018. In short, “Beyond” would become the next big thing, with the kind of features that make you want to buy it.

As for the real name of the phone, we have tentatively called this article “Galaxy S10”, although there is no guarantee that it will be the final name.

Some of the first rumors suggest that Samsung could look for a newer name. Will it be Galaxy X? The truth is that we still do not know, but after the iPhone X is still an unlikely option.

Recently, a source told Gizmodo UK that the dimensions of the three S10 smartphones will be different. The S10 Lite will have a 5.8-inch screen, the conventional S10 will be 6.1 inches and the S10 Plus will have a 6.4-inch screen.

But that is not all. The source said that the 5.8-inch S10 (plane) will have 128 GB of storage and will sell for £ 669, which is approximately $ 845. For its part, the standard S10 (with a curved screen) will have 128GB or 512GB of storage and will cost £ 799 and £ 999, respectively (between $ 720 and $ 840 dollars).

The S10 Plus will be available in 128GB, 512GB or 1TB, and its prices will vary according to the storage size. The smallest will cost £ 899, the medium £ 1,099 and the largest storage will cost £ 1,399.

The leak did not detail anything about the RAM or what processor would run the S10, but as for the latter, it is almost certain that the phone is powered by the Snapdragon 855 not yet launched.

In addition, the source told Gizmodo UK that the S10 will not support 5G at the launch, and that it will arrive at the end of the second quarter as soon as possible.

Samsung still has not confirmed anything about the Galaxy S10, but we know one thing for sure: it will not be the company’s first phone with 5G.

Samsung’s CEO, DJ Koh Dong-Jin, confirmed that fact at a press event in South Korea, eliminating any previous rumors that said otherwise. But, according to a Bloomberg report, at least one version of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S10 will be compatible with 5G.

Earlier this year, Koh stated that Samsung was working with operators to launch a 5G phone in March 2019 in certain locations. And although he did not provide many details, Bloomberg reports that the Samsung Galaxy S10 compatible with 5G may be exclusive to Verizon. If, in fact, Samsung gives Verizon the exclusive for its first 5G flagship phone, it will not only be a major attraction for the operator, but also an almost certain way for the S10 to gain instant popularity in the largest mobile network in the world. U.S.

As for other specifications, it is a fair bet that the US versions of the Galaxy S10 will present a new version of Qualcomm Snapdragon chip, probably the Snapdragon 855. And although Qualcomm has not officially announced its next mobile processor, the company did, providing some details in a press release in August 2018. In the statement, Qualcomm states that its next mobile chip is based on a 7 nm process node and can be paired with the Snapdragon X60 5G modem.

For the rest of the world, Samsung is likely to use its Exynos 9820 chipset for some versions of the Galaxy S10. Although there were rumors that the chip would be based on a 7nm architecture, the Exynos 9820 is based on an 8nm process. Samsung claims that the new chip provides an increase in performance of 20% over its predecessor and is 40% more efficient.

In addition to better performance and greater efficiency, the new Exynos 9820 chipset will have a Neural Processing Unit (NPU) for A.I tasks. (Artificial intelligence). The chip will also support 8K video at 30 frames per second.

Finally, it may sound mundane, but there is reason to assume that Samsung will push to increase the battery life with the S10. The battery improvements were also on our wish list for the Galaxy S9; What we saw was … not very impressive. However, Samsung increased the battery capacity of the Note 9, and with the rumors of a new L-shaped battery that increases the life of the phone, we hope that the S10 will shine in this area.

Samsung Galaxy S range of smartphones is known for its appearance that tends to set trends, however, there are many doubts about whether Samsung will adopt a notch on the screen or not. The latest rumors suggest … that he will not. However, it will include a “hole drilled” style cutout for the front camera, which could be called the “Infinity-O” screen. In addition to that, according to the famous “serial filtering” Evan Blass, the phone will include a fingerprint sensor on the screen.

The idea that the Galaxy S10 will adopt an Infinity-O screen is corroborated by a new LetsGoDigital report, which highlights the patents that Samsung has submitted. In patents, we can see a series of screens with slightly different shapes with a small cutout in the upper left corner. LetsGoDigital has also obtained images that Samsung has created to show the design. While this may not be exactly the look of the Galaxy S10, it gives us a good idea of ​​how the Infinity-O screen would look on a smartphone.

Samsung Galaxy S range of smartphones is known for its trend-setting appearance, however there are many questions about whether Samsung will take a notch on the screen or not.

The company itself has shown a selection of exciting new technologies that could mean that the next Galaxy phone would have a true edge-to-edge screen.

However, this radical technology may not be ready for the Galaxy S10. Why? Because a Samsung patent shows a small notch, similar to the Huawei Mate 20, that would contain the front camera, while other sensors would be located behind a series of small holes on it.

However, and although the patent comes from Samsung, we are not sure that the design shown is used in a smartphone. If Samsung can perfect its technology on the screen, the phone that uses it will look very different from the majority available today.

How will you unlock and secure the Galaxy S10? The S9 has the Intelligent Scan technology that scans a hybrid of your face and iris data, but the truth is not safe enough for the purchase verification and is far from the highly advanced and secure Face ID that Apple presented on the iPhone X Therefore, Samsung may change this technology in the S10, and introduce a new fingerprint sensor.

In September, Korean website ETNews reported that Samsung will use state-of-the-art ultrasonic third-generation Samsung sensors in the next S10. This Samsung technology can caputura information in 3D, which helps the phone has better accuracy and security.

Previously, a patent, discovered for the first time by Patently Mobile in July 2018, shows that Samsung is actively working on an ultrasonic fingerprint sensor on the screen. This new sensor will use ultrasound, instead of images, to detect fingerprints. It is assumed that this method should provide a much safer authentication source compared to what is currently on the market.

These alterations may push Samsung to put aside iris scanning for the Galaxy S10, but probably only if it can master the fingerprint sensor on the screen, to accompany a new, safe face recognition system. The prototype samples of the S10, according to the South Korean publication The Bell, have not been ordered with iris scanners, a decision that can also help offset the costs if the two new security systems are included.

Early rumors said that Samsung had partnered with the Mantis Vision 3D camera to provide 3D camera technology for Samsung’s upcoming smartphones, and those rumors have apparently been confirmed by a report that says the Galaxy S10 will include a full 3D camera , potentially matching the experience of the iPhone X.

This could also help AR Emoji, which is not as accurate as Apple’s Animoji. Recall that the tests we did in Digital Trends in Spanish, we left many concerns about the effectiveness and accuracy of Samsung cartoons.

The interruption of iris scanning can only occur if Samsung includes a fingerprint sensor on the screen in S10. As reported, it was removed from the Galaxy Note 9 due to technical problems, but maybe, it may be ready to be implemented in the S10. The Bell claims that Samsung is working hard to create a screen-based fingerprint scanner (FOD), which seems to be successful.

Let’s be honest: there is not a big difference between the Samsung Galaxy Plus and its Note brothers. And in a market saturated with smartphones, it becomes difficult to justify the launch of two similar phones every year.

According to South Korea’s business website The Bell, Samsung plans to withdraw its Galaxy phones Plus line after the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus in 2019. The company plans to merge Plus phones with its Note line to increase profitability. The rumor comes immediately after the news that sales of Galaxy S9 smartphones have been slow, falling in the second quarter after the pace of the first quarter.

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