Kevin Spacey reappears with strange House of Cards style video

The actor defended himself against accusations of sexual abuse

More than a year after Kevin Spacey was accused of sexual abuse, he had to leave the successful series of Netflix House of Cards. He decided to send a message on Christmas Eve.

In a Frank Underwood-style video under the title Let me be Frank, Spacey defended himself against the accusations made against him.

“I know what you want Oh, sure, they may have tried to separate us, but what we have is too strong, too powerful After all, we share everything you and I. I told you my deepest and darkest secrets, I showed you exactly what people are capable of doing, I impacted you with my honesty, but more than anything I challenged you and made you think, and you trusted me, even though you knew you should not “start the clip.

And he continues, “I know what you want, you want me back, of course, some believe everything and they are only waiting with their breath stopped to hear me confess, they are dying to make me say that everything they said is true and that I got what they wanted. It would not be easy, it would be so simple, but you and I know that nothing is so simple, neither in politics and life. ”

He continues his monologue in which he points out, “Soon you will know the whole truth”. Finally the actor left open the possibility that Frank Underwood could reappear, as he puts on the character’s ring.

This was published minutes after the Boston Globe confirmed that the actor will have to face sexual abuse charges on January 7 in the state of Massachusetts. The complaint corresponds to that made by news anchor Heather Unruh, who said that Spacey insisted his son accept him drinks and then abused him.

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