Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra would sell very well but would have problems with GPS and its camera

User reports are beginning to emerge where they report a series of recurring failures in the GPS and camera of their Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra.

Samsung Galaxy S22
Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra would sell very well but would have problems with GPS and its camera

When Samsung showed its new Galaxy S22 family, in short, the terminal that stole all eyes was the most robust, the S22 Ultra.

It is a complete device, with a large screen, powerful camera, large battery and full integration with the S Pen stylus, which makes it a spiritual successor to the (for now) defunct Galaxy Note range.

However, now, almost two months after its official presentation, users have begun to use this smartphone model in their daily lives, finding an important series of details in its functions that have generated concern.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra would present intermittent GPS failures

From the technical support forums and some social networks such as Twitter, some user reports have begun to appear where some details of the operation and operation of the Galaxy S22 Ultra have been found.

First of all, as has already been seen in even more complex test videos, the Galaxy S22 is a device that requires special preventive care against falls.

But in addition, the leaker Ice Universe broke the usual dynamics of his official account a bit to talk about some problems presented in the Galaxy S22 Ultra camera:

Where the device’s camera would be presenting some serious problems to suppress image overexposure, both in night and day environments.

In addition to some other details that have been read intermittently about the stability of its speed when running multiple applications simultaneously and the unit overheating under extreme activities.

To this is added the report of occasional failures in the operation of the GPS of some units of the Galaxy S22 Ultra.

In fact, in the official technical support forums of the Samsung Community, a few hundred responses and concerns about this situation have already accumulated.

The scenario seems to be generally the same. From the first moment of use, the GPS functions are activated in the mobile operating system interface, but they simply do not work.

Therefore, when opening Maps, or when trying to share the current location, it would be impossible to view the user’s position in real time.

The problem would occur even after installing the latest software updates. Although it would not be something permanent and this fault would only be shown on occasions.

We are facing a scenario where the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra would be one of the best-selling smartphones in the manufacturer’s recent history.

But the determination to balance the weight of manufacturing costs may have led to some of the design and manufacturing decisions that are leading to this situation.

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