Samsung: 4 One UI tricks for your smartphone

If you have a Samsung brand equipment, you should know these options to make the most of your cell phone.

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Take advantage of this tool to repower your Samsung cell phone. Photo: andro4all

One of the most popular customization tools for Android phones is One UI, whose software includes very useful functions that you probably are not taking advantage of.

It should be noted that One UI is designed to facilitate the use of your mobile phone, with an attractive visual design. Therefore, here we show you four options.

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Take Advantage Of These Functions On Your Samsung Cell Phone. Photo: Andro4All

Floating windows

This is one of the functions designed to facilitate multitasking for users, as it allows opening various applications in floating window mode.

All you have to do is open the app you want to run in multi-window mode and then open the recent applications menu. In the end, you should choose the Pop-up window option.

Bixby routines

The equivalent of Siri for Samsung devices allows you to automate any task on your mobile. The tool uses artificial intelligence that learns and becomes familiar with options such as connecting to a wi-fi network, reducing the battery to a specific level, etc.

Bluetooth metronome

Good Lock allows you to access additional customization features in One UI. This option allows you to reduce the audio delay when using a Bluetooth headset and playing a video on the mobile so that the audio goes hand in hand with the audio.

Hide the status bar icons

The system status bar can get cluttered with icons, creating a sense of clutter that users often dislike. That is why Samsung gives the option to hide some icons to be able to clean that part.


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