JLo and Ben Affleck: the artificial intelligence garage for their cars

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Jlo And Ben Affleck The Artificial Intelligence Garage For Their Cars
JLo and Ben Affleck the artificial intelligence garage for their cars

Jennifer López and Ben Affleck without a doubt that they are a couple of the moments, whose news does not escape the eye of their fans or the media, with the news of marriage coming true for the second time, after 18 years of waiting.

Obviously, this restart is exciting, as many show the joy of seeing them together like that time in the car where the couple generated multiple reactions to their happy faces at meeting again, on the occasion of a surprising new opportunity.

Now, both the American actor and the diva from the Bronx have innumerable luxury vehicles that they will surely be able to park in the garage of their dreams after searching for the ideal mansion to live together, deserving a considerable space in order to park more. of 20 cars that they have in their repertoire, showing Mercedes Benz, Porsche, Rolls-Royce, classics, convertibles, and more.

The media review several options for a new home, but what coincides in all of them is the exorbitant garage that for many seems like an oasis, due to its immense dimensions groups of real estate experts calculate the capacity to park more than 50 vehicles.

Regarding the mansion alternatives, in the first instance we have the one located in Bel-Air Country Club , exactly the area called “La Finca Bellagio”, being the first famous alternative that later ceased to be, but its different styles of garage left in shock many of its fans, adding the extraordinary ambulatory for cars that represents another option for visitors.

In the second instance, no less attractive and the current option that could be definitive is the mansion called “The Manor” located in the prestigious Holmby Hills neighborhood in Los Angeles, where it also stands out for its spacious luxury automotive spaces.

It should be noted that the garages or spaces for cars have the necessary equipment to take care of them, with a large capacity of artificial technology that offers: elevator, special lighting, digital automated system, first-class security, internet among other benefits, described by its followers as “the oasis of cars”.

+ We show you the garages where JLo and Ben Affleck are looking for their cars:

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