Claudia Martín and Sebastián Rulli are ready for The rich also cry

The protagonists are getting ready! Along with Claudia Martin and Sebastián Rulli, the hit serial “The wealthy also weep” is replete with modifications.

Claudia Martin
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Claudia Martin is at her finest when she embarks on new projects with Sebastián Rulli, in which they would become the protagonists of the telenovela ‘The wealthy also weep’ at the moment.

It’s worth noting that this telenovela premiered in 1979 with Verónica Castro as the lead actress and continues to be unforgettable to this day, since it was the one that catapulted the show to its present level of prominence. The fresh actors are now prepared. Learn more.



Claudia Martin revealed in a recent interview that she has been in Mexico since September filming sequences for the soap ” The wealthy also weep,” in which she will star opposite Argentine hero Sebastián Rulli.


“I cannot disagree that this is a significant problem; but more importantly, I regard it as a significant opportunity. I’m really appreciative of the production and organisation for entrusting me with such an appealing, honest, and genuine role. “I feel fortunate,” the actress responded when asked what it meant to her that she was picked for the lead part.


Claudia Martn

It should be emphasised that the role of “Mariana” will be the story’s protagonist, and this time, it will take on a new form. According to the Mexican, “he is a being of light, transparent, complete, and selfless.” His entire life changes dramatically when he meets the Salvatierra family, and the same thing happens in reverse: she enters their lives and utterly transforms them. Mariana is the embodiment of brightness.”


Similarly, he asserted that his style of being has certain characteristics with his character. Above all, for the sake of their loved ones’ welfare. “We are both tenacious and a little ill-advised,” he stated with a giggle.


They are finally ready! In “The Rich Also Cry,” Claudia Martin and Sebastián Rulli star.

During the same interview, the actress discussed her experience working with Sebastián Rulli, saying, “It’s an honour for me to be able to share the moment with him, learn from him, and create these wonderful characters.” He stated, “A really peaceful work atmosphere has been developed, which I greatly enjoy.”


She expressed gratitude for the possibilities that have always presented themselves to work and expressed satisfaction with her professional progression: “I have alternated between protagonist and antagonist parts because I have always placed a premium on the characters and their tales. I also appreciate that it has been a brief but rigorous career during which my objective has always been to improve as an actor and, most importantly, as a person.”



Although a new version of ” The wealthy also weep ” will not air on Univisión until 2022, some photographs have already been released in which actress Claudia Martin and Sebastián Rulli appear to be extremely happy and have strong chemistry.


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