Instagram: IGTV becomes Instagram TV and increases maximum video length

instagam phone 1566822737
instagam phone 1566822737

IGTV itself will cease to exist. Now there will be something called TV. Additionally, the social platform will implement other tools to optimize and promote multimedia content, specifically, videos uploaded and shared on the network, such as the popular reels.

IGTV videos will be combined with those from the user feed in a totally new format called Instagram video. According to information collected by the medium The Verge, the objective of Instagram is to present a function “easier for people to discover new content”.

The tabs that divided these modalities will be combined into a single one that will appear in the profile and will be located next to those of photos, reels, labels, and others. In addition to this, the -owned app will also introduce the expansion of the maximum duration of the videos that can be seen in the feed to 60 minutes.

“We love that our community of creators has embraced video as a key format for telling their stories, entertaining and connecting with their audiences, and we want to make it easier to create and discover videos. Video now represents almost half of the time spent on Facebook,” said Alexandru VoicaFacebook’s manager of communication technologies.

As we anticipated, IGTV as an independent application will not disappear but will be renamed Instagram TV. Apart from this change, new tools for clipping, filters, tagging of people, and locations will also be introduced.

Facebook, the parent company of Instagram, indicated that the changes will gradually begin to be applied to smart devices with iOS and Android. The rollout has already started, so it is only a matter of time before all users can enjoy the additions.


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