Gmail: the secret to sending an email over WhatsApp

We demonstrate how to send any message from your Gmail inbox to a WhatsApp discussion quickly and easily.

You Will Not Need To Install Additional Applications On Your Smartphone Or Computer.

Did you know that the emails you receive in Gmail can be shared with other applications? Among the many features offered by the service, one that stands out is the ability to send whole emails to any of our contacts via WhatsApp.

What is the best way to send a Gmail message using WhatsApp?

Using an Android or iOS device, open the Gmail app.
Select the email to send from your inbox.
To access the menu, tap the three dot icon in the upper right corner.
Choose the option to print.
Choose the option to save as PDF in the pick printer box.
Select the folder where you want to save the file by pressing the button.
Give the document a name and click the save button.
After you’ve finished, close the Gmail app and go to the WhatsApp app. Then, in the chat in question, select the document option by touching the clip icon in the text box. Open the PDF file in the location where you saved it, select it, and click the submit button. Ready!

If you don’t want to use your smartphone, you may do the same thing on your computer and share the email with WhatsApp Web or WhatsApp Desktop. Follow these steps to accomplish this:

Using a Windows or Mac computer, go to the Gmail website.
Choose the email you’d want to send.
Select the printer icon in the upper right corner.
Choose the option to save as PDF from the destination box.
Select the folder where you want to save the file by pressing the save button.
To complete the process, simply open the desktop version of WhatsApp, enter the relevant discussion, and send the email attachment you downloaded.


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