Gmail: create a signature with image and text for your emails

Do you want to appear more professional when you email your friends, family or clients? Know this Gmail trick.

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This Gmail trick only works on the web version. Photo: LR composition

Gmail is the most used email service to send and receive information about work, a study center, or a financial institution. However, many times we receive so many messages that a name and email are not enough to identify us, especially when we use our account for professional purposes. You can solve this problem by creating a signature with images and text. How to do it? Here we explain it to you.

This Gmail method is simple and does not need third-party apps or Google extensions in its web version. Also, the image and text signature will not only help you personalize the messages you send to your contacts, but it is also a good way to share your phone number, website and other contact information.

How to put a signature in Gmail with an image?

The Gmail application for Android does not allow you to edit signatures and add images to the account, so it is necessary to use a browser from Windows, Linux, or Mac. Just follow these instructions:

  • The first step you must carry out is to open your Gmail account from your web browser.
  • Once inside Gmail, you will have to click on the small gear that is located at the top right of the screen.
  • A small menu will be displayed, within it you must click on the option that says configuration, it is located in the third position.
  • Scroll down the screen until you find the section that says signature. Inside the blank box that you see, you must put the signature that you want to appear in each of the emails that you are going to send.
  • Once the signature is made, you must click on the image icon that appears on the screen. This icon will allow you to upload custom images.

You can also modify the Gmail signature as many times as you think is necessary. Even, if you wish, you can choose another image again or edit the one that you have already put in your signature.

Gmail: how to activate dark mode on Android, iOS, and their web version?

Like other Google applications, such as YouTube and Google Maps, Gmail is also one of the services that allow its users to activate the demanded dark mode. However, most people do not know how you can do it on your Android phone, iOS, or from the computer.

In this sense, you should know that changing the Gmail theme settings to view messages on your mobile device more easily, it will also allow you to extend the battery life. Therefore, we are going to explain how to activate the dark mode in Gmail.


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